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Proceedings of the 31st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Robert E. Santana-LaBarge
Printed edition: $375.00


Robert E. Santana-LaBarge
vii (abstract or complete paper)

Towards a Non-uniform Analysis of Naturally Reflexive Verbs
Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schäfer
1-10 (abstract or complete paper)

Expressing Ignorance in the Nominal Domain: Japanese Wh-ka
Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Junko Shimoyama
11-20 (abstract or complete paper)

Edgy Nominalizations
María J. Arche and Rafael Marín
21-30 (abstract or complete paper)

Rescue by PF Deletion and the Intervention vs. Truncation Debate
J.-Marc Authier and Liliane Haegeman
31-40 (abstract or complete paper)

Hii at the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface
Vandana Bajaj
41-45 (abstract or complete paper)

No-Choice Parameters and the Limits of Syntactic Variation
Theresa Biberauer, Ian Roberts, and Michelle Sheehan
46-55 (abstract or complete paper)

Bangla Associative Plural -ra: A Cross-linguistic Comparison with Chinese men and Japanese -tachi
Priyanka Biswas
56-65 (abstract or complete paper)

Wondering about the Alternatives in Navajo
Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten
66-75 (abstract or complete paper)

Expressing Uncertainty with gisa in Tshangla
Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Anisa Schardl
76-85 (abstract or complete paper)

Incomplete Vowel Lengthening in Japanese: A First Study
Aaron Braver and Shigeto Kawahara
86-95 (abstract or complete paper)

Which Subject Islands Will the Acceptability of Improve with Repeated Exposure?
Rui P. Chaves and Jeruen E. Dery
96-106 (abstract or complete paper)

Children Seem to Know Raising: Intervention Effects in Child Language
Jinsun Choe, Kamil Ud Deen, and William O'Grady
107-114 (abstract or complete paper)

All-in-One: Generic Inclusive Null Subjects in Hungarian
Gréte Dalmi
115-123 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Focus Particles in Wh-Interrogatives: Evidence from a Southern Ryukyuan Language
Christopher Davis
124-133 (abstract or complete paper)

Search for a Minimal Agent Predicate Link Preference in Recursive Agent Distribution Strategy for Embedded Clauses
Abhijit Debnath and Gautam Sengupta
134-140 (abstract or complete paper)

The Minimal Structure Principle and the Processing of Preposition Stranding
Naomi Enzinna and Ellen Thompson
141-149 (abstract or complete paper)

Anti-locality and Kaqchikel Agent Focus
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
150-159 (abstract or complete paper)

Interpreting Japanese Head-Internal Relative Clauses
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine and Isaac Gould
160-169 (abstract or complete paper)

Parasitic Ellipsis
Natalia Fitzgibbons
170-179 (abstract or complete paper)

A New Approach to Tough-Constructions
Sandiway Fong and Jason Ginsburg
180-188 (abstract or complete paper)

Licensing of Floating Nominal Modifiers and Unaccusativity in Japanese
Shin Fukuda and Maria Polinsky
189-198 (abstract or complete paper)

On Covert Modality in German Root Infinitives
Hans-Martin Gärtner
199-206 (abstract or complete paper)

Context Sensitive Unaccusativity in Russian and Italian
Zhanna Glushan and Andrea Calabrese
207-217 (abstract or complete paper)

Sonority as a Primitive: Evidence from Phonological Inventories
Ivy Hauser
218-226 (abstract or complete paper)

Nominal Modification in Chinese and Thai
Shi-Zhe Huang and Peter Jenks
227-237 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Status of Binding and Control: Evidence from Argument Ellipsis in Japanese
Hajime Ikawa
238-247 (abstract or complete paper)

Head Movement in Moro DPs: Evidence for a Unified Theory of Movement
Peter Jenks
248-257 (abstract or complete paper)

Rightward Movement and Antecedent-Contained Deletion: New Evidence from Hocąk
Meredith Johnson
258-265 (abstract or complete paper)

Syntactic Constraints on Morpheme Ordering
Hyun Kyoung Jung
266-275 (abstract or complete paper)

Two Types of Unselected Embedded Questions
Jooyoung Kim and Satoshi Tomioka
276-284 (abstract or complete paper)

Adjective Ordering: A View from Korean
Min-Joo Kim
285-294 (abstract or complete paper)

Untangling the Balinese Bind: Binding and Voice in Austronesian
Theodore Levin
295-304 (abstract or complete paper)

Restrictions on Wh-in-Situ in Kavalan and Amis
Dong-yi Lin
305-314 (abstract or complete paper)

Sentential Subjects: Topics or Real Subjects?
Terje Lohndal
315-324 (abstract or complete paper)

Consequences of Feature Inheritance for Subject Movement
Manabu Mizuguchi
325-334 (abstract or complete paper)

Multiple Instances of Agreement in the Clausal Spine: Evidence from Algonquian
Will Oxford
335-343 (abstract or complete paper)

A Heterogeneous Approach to Gapping
David Potter
344-350 (abstract or complete paper)

If There's Anything Cleft Ellipsis Resembles, It's (Pseudo)gapping
Matthew Reeve
351-360 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Non-existence of Non-constituent Coordination and Non-constituent Ellipsis
Craig Sailor and Gary Thoms
361-370 (abstract or complete paper)

A Feature-Driven Movement Analysis of English Participle Preposing
Bern Samko
371-380 (abstract or complete paper)

A Tale of 2(nd Position) Clitics
Bridget D. Samuels
381-390 (abstract or complete paper)

Optional Wh-Movement and Clefts
Anisa Schardl
391-398 (abstract or complete paper)

Towards a Parameter Hierarchy for Alignment
Michelle Sheehan
399-408 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Relative Readings with NP Internal Focus of Superlatives
Zheng Shen
409-418 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Morphosyntactic Feature Economy in the Evolution of Slavic Number
Tatyana Slobodchikoff
419-427 (abstract or complete paper)

Learning and the Position of Primary Stress
Robert Staubs
428-437 (abstract or complete paper)

Against a Unified Analysis of Givenness and Focus
Jon Scott Stevens
438-446 (abstract or complete paper)

On De Re Predicates
Yasutada Sudo
447-456 (abstract or complete paper)

Sound Change without Frequency Effects: Ramifications for Phonological Theory
Meredith Tamminga
457-465 (abstract or complete paper)

On Two Kinds of Negative Concord Items in Korean
Lyn Tieu and Jungmin Kang
466-473 (abstract or complete paper)

When Can You Agree with a Closest Conjunct?
Martin Walkow
474-483 (abstract or complete paper)

Wh-in-Situ and QR in Mandarin Generic Sentences
J.-H. Wei, T.-H. Jonah Lin, and H.-Y. Catherine Huang
484-492 (abstract or complete paper)

'Get'-Passives and Case Alternations: The View from Icelandic
Jim Wood and Einar Freyr Sigurðsson
493-503 (abstract or complete paper)

Sharing Light Verbs between Passive and Active Transitive Verbs
Miyoko Yasui
504-513 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Acoustic Cues in Nonnative Cluster Repairs
Suyeon Yun
514-523 (abstract or complete paper)