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Welcome to the Cascadilla Proceedings Project web site!
Cascadilla Proceedings Project is an imprint of Cascadilla Press. All proceedings published by CPP are available both in print and on the web. Web access is free and unrestricted, and the copy available on this site is the same as the book version in content, formatting, and pagination. The print edition is a durable hardback. This combination allows for the best of both worlds: free and quick access for researchers looking for a proceedings paper, with all the advantages of being published in book form.
You are welcome to print out papers from this site for non-commercial use, and you may give copies of papers from this site to your colleagues or students. Including papers in coursepacks requires permission. You may not redistribute papers from this site through any other site; please link to our site instead.
You can cite a paper from this site just like you would cite any other print publication. All of the citation details are on the final page of each PDF file available on this site.
How to find a proceedings
Our home page has a list of all proceedings, where you can choose any proceedings we have published.
How to find an individual paper
There are three different ways you can find an individual paper on this site:
1. Go to the list of all proceedings, select a proceedings, and find the paper in the table of contents.
2. Enter the document # and click on the "Go" button.
3. Enter search terms and click on the "Go" button. You can select whether you want to search the papers (pdf files), the abstracts (web pages), or all files on the site (pdf files and web pages). This search feature uses Google.