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We are glad to have you as an author. This page provides the general instructions for all proceedings published by Cascadilla Proceedings Project. You will find on separate pages the style sheet, the publication rights form, information about file formats, and answers to frequently asked questions from authors. The deadline, submission address, and any other instructions specific to a particular proceedings are on a page which was sent to you by the volume editor for your proceedings. If you have questions about your proceedings that are not answered on these pages, please contact your volume editor.
General Instructions
Your paper: We need a PDF file of your paper formatted according to our style sheet. Make sure that the PDF file includes all fonts when you generate it. Check the particular instructions for your proceedings to see where the volume editor wants the file uploaded or e-mailed. You must proofread your paper carefully before sending it in. At the proof approval stage, you will not be able to fix problems which are in your original file.
Information about your paper: We need a text file with the following details about your paper: title, author(s), number of pages, contact information for every author, and an abstract.
Abstract: Do not put a separate abstract at the beginning of your paper. Your abstract must be a single paragraph of 3-9 sentences, written in third person rather than first person. Any examples must be embedded in the paragraph rather than on separate lines. Mention in the abstract any particular languages, research areas, and methodologies which your paper focuses on and which a researcher might include in a search request. Remember that many people will decide whether to read your paper based on your abstract. Your abstract should answer the following questions for prospective readers: what is your paper about, what are your new ideas or results in general terms, and why do they matter? Be reasonably specific, but do not try to compress every detail of your paper into your abstract.
Put the title and author(s) at the top of the abstract, and then "abstract" on a line by itself. Use one font for the entire abstract. No formatting other than italics should appear in the abstract—formatting other than italics will be removed before your abstract is published. For italics, put <i> immediately before the italicized item and </i> immediately after the italicized item. For phonetic characters, use descriptions such as "bilabial fricative" instead. Do not include any tables, diagrams, figures, or other non-text material in your abstract.
If your paper is written in a language other than English, we need your abstract in the language of the paper and in English. We will include both versions on our web site.
Specific Instructions, Contact Addresses, and Deadlines
All specific instructions, contact information for your volume editor, and deadlines for your particular proceedings are available from the volume editor. This page that you are reading contains general instructions for all proceedings being published by Cascadilla Proceedings Project. Thank you for submitting your paper!