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Bookmark and Share Publication Rights Form

Each author on every paper must submit a signed publication rights form. If using an electronic signature, each author must submit a separate form. If mailing a paper form, signatures from multiple authors are allowed on a single form.
Email address for each author:
How to invert first author's name for references (as in "van Hout, Angeliek"):
How to alphabetize first author's last name (as in "Hout"):
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Name and email address of the person who created the PDF file of the paper (this must not be the volume editor unless that editor is also an author of the paper):
The author(s) grant non-exclusive publication rights to Cascadilla Press and Cascadilla Proceedings Project for the above paper and all accompanying material. These publication rights include without limitation all forms of print and electronic publication. These publication rights may be further transferred or extended by Cascadilla Press to third parties in part or in whole. The author(s) warrant that this paper is the original work of the author(s), does not infringe any rights of others, and that the author(s) have the right to grant these publication rights. The author(s) also warrant that they have obtained written permission for any matter they have included by other authors where such permission is required by law. Copyright of this paper is retained by the author(s).
Please choose one option below for signing this publication rights form:

After signing in ink, you must mail the original to the volume editors.

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After signing electronically, you must save this completed form as a PDF file and email it to the volume editors.