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Exciting research is often presented first at conferences. Conference proceedings can be an excellent way to make results available quickly, and Cascadilla Proceedings Project offers both the prestige of print publication and the advantages of open access. Every paper published on the Cascadilla Proceedings Project web site is identical to the print edition in content, formatting, and pagination.
There are several important advantages of publishing a proceedings with Cascadilla Proceedings Project. We do extensive production work to make sure that the PDF files are formatted consistently, and that readers can see and print each PDF file on numerous different computer systems without any trouble. We handle production and sales of the print edition, doing all the work to publish the print edition of the proceedings, keep it in print, and sell it to libraries and researchers. We also provide a stable home for the proceedings on the web, free from the whims of university computer support departments.
Publishing a proceedings with Cascadilla Proceedings Project means much greater exposure and availability than independent publication. We are hosting a growing number of linguistics proceedings on a single web site. Each proceedings can be browsed as an independent publication, but researchers can also search across many proceedings at once.
You can review the process and timeline of publishing a proceedings with Cascadilla Proceedings Project, and read answers to frequently asked questions from volume editors.
If you want Cascadilla Proceedings Project to publish your conference proceedings, send e-mail to Michael Bernstein at We only publish original proceedings which have not been previously published. To start considering your proceedings, we need to know the name, location, and dates of the conference, the approximate attendance, the number of papers presented, the number of papers expected for the proceedings, and how the proceedings have been published for previous conferences if the conference is part of a series.