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Can we include papers that were not presented at the conference?
While the general purpose of a proceedings is to reflect the work presented at a conference, we know that circumstances sometimes prevent an author from traveling to a conference. As of January 2017, this is an urgent concern for anyone impacted by the new travel restrictions to and from the United States. We encourage conferences to make plans to allow for video links, proxy presentations, and any other solutions that will mitigate the disruption and discrimination caused by travel restrictions. We welcome papers in our proceedings that could not be presented at the conference as planned due to travel restrictions, as long as the conference and volume editors feel that they are appropriate to include.
Why can't editors accept Word files from authors?
Accepting Word files from authors always causes more problems than it solves. Don't do it, no matter what your reasons. (Our page for authors about file formats has a detailed explanation. You must not ignore this requirement even if you disagree with the reasons presented.) Don't do authors' formatting for them, don't do their proofreading for them, and don't create a PDF file for them.
If an author is unwilling to provide a paper that is proofread and formatted correctly, the paper should be rejected. We will back you up if you reject a paper because the author does not do a reasonable job of following the style sheet.
Why can't editors proofread or copy edit the papers?
The goal with the proceedings is to get the work out promptly. Typos and other errors are unfortunate, but there is a trade-off between speed and proofreading. Go ahead and skim each paper. If you see just a few minor typos, ignore them. If you see a few truly significant typos, tell the author to fix them and to check for others. If the paper is filled with errors, tell the author that you will reject the paper if the author does not submit a corrected version within a couple of weeks. We will back you up if you reject a paper because it is sloppy.
What should the editors do if one or two authors are holding up the volume?
There will often be one or two authors who ignore deadlines and expect everybody to wait for them. When you run into an author like that, check first that your e-mails to the author aren't going astray, and then reject the paper. We will back you up if you reject a paper because the author ignores deadlines. Significant delays are unfair to the other authors who expect their work to be published promptly. A delay of a few days is normal. A delay of a few weeks may be justified due to a birth, death, or serious illness. A delay of a few months is never acceptable.
Do volume editors sign a contract?
Yes, volume editors should sign a contract by the time the papers for the proceedings are ready to send to Cascadilla Proceedings Project. You can view our standard contract, and a modified form may apply in unusual circumstances.
Is there a charge for publishing a proceedings through Cascadilla Proceedings Project?
The economic models for open access are continuing to evolve across scholarly publishing, including here at Cascadilla Proceedings Project. Except for series with a track record of particularly strong library sales, some of our production costs must now be covered up front through an article processing charge for each accepted paper. This charge is paid by the conference when the manuscripts are sent to us. The conference must decide how best to cover this cost: from the conference budget, the host institution, grants, authors who have APC funds available from their institutions, or a mix of any of those.
Is the online edition of a proceedings identical to the print edition?
Yes, every paper published on the Cascadilla Proceedings Project web site is identical to the print edition in content, formatting, and pagination.
Do proceedings have ISBNs?
Yes. We assign an ISBN to each proceedings, which applies to the print edition. Cascadilla Proceedings Project is an imprint of Cascadilla Press, so the ISBN starts with the same prefix (978-1-57473-) as Cascadilla Press titles. Because the web edition is really free web access to the print edition and cannot be ordered as a separate product, there is no separate ISBN for the web edition.
Can proceedings have creative titles?
No, but proceedings can have short creative subtitles. To avoid conflicts in proceedings titles, make ordering easier for libraries, and facilitate order fulfillment for us, the main title must be either "Proceedings of" or "Selected Proceedings of" followed by the name of the conference. If the conference does not have a series number or year in its name, the year of the conference must be added in the proceedings title. For example, "Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Phonemes and Lexicography" rather than "Proceedings of the Conference on Phonemes and Lexicography".