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Wh-in-Situ and QR in Mandarin Generic Sentences
J.-H. Wei, T.-H. Jonah Lin, and H.-Y. Catherine Huang
484-492 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper proposes a QR approach for the interpretation of in-situ wh-adverbs in Mandarin Chinese. Traditionally, it has been proposed that wh-adverbs should move in LF. However, some in-situ wh-adverbs in Mandarin Chinese are found to be insensitive to syntactic islands, which leads to an inconsistent treatment of wh-adverbs. A new observation presented in this paper indicates that such wh-adverbs are only found in generic sentences; if they occur in sentences denoting episodic events, they become sensitive to syntactic islands. This paper assumes with Lin 2013 that nonfinite clauses—to which generics are assimilated—are transparent to QR in Mandarin Chinese. Moreover, it proposes that an NP, which may be a syntactic island itself, undergoes QR, because such an NP has inherent universal quantificational force and thus can carry the wh-adverb contained in it along to an A'-position for interpretation.

Published in

Proceedings of the 31st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Robert E. Santana-LaBarge
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