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Proceedings of the 38th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Rachel Soo, Una Y. Chow, and Sander Nederveen
Printed edition: $425.00


Rachel Soo, Una Y. Chow, and Sander Nederveen
vii (abstract or complete paper)

Person and Predication in Koryak
Rafael Abramovitz
1-10 (abstract or complete paper)

On Multiple Sluicing in Japanese
Brian Agbayani and Toru Ishii
11-20 (abstract or complete paper)

Unifying Long Head Movement with Phrasal Movement: A New Argument from Spellout
Karlos Arregi and Asia Pietraszko
21-31 (abstract or complete paper)

Resultatives and the Architecture of Event Structure
Josep Ausensi
32-42 (abstract or complete paper)

A Typological Gap in Ditransitive Constructions: No Secundative Case and Indirective Agreement
András Bárány
43-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Long-Distance Scrambling in Balkar and the Nature of Edges
Tatiana Bondarenko and Colin Davis
54-64 (abstract or complete paper)

Leftover Agreement: Spelling Out Kartvelian Number
Tatiana Bondarenko and Stanislao Zompì
65-73 (abstract or complete paper)

*Local > Local Is Morphological
Madeline Bossi
74-84 (abstract or complete paper)

Pronominal Paradigms in Two Varieties of English
Kenyon Branan and Keely New
85-93 (abstract or complete paper)

Tagalog Voice as Four Bundles of Agree Relations: Insights from Binding
Victoria Chen
94-104 (abstract or complete paper)

One Language, Two 'Voice' Systems: Insights from Puyuma
Victoria Chen and Shin Fukuda
105-115 (abstract or complete paper)

When Superlative Modifiers and Quality Superlatives Are Twins
Yi-Hsun Chen
116-126 (abstract or complete paper)

Deconstructing Yes-No Questions: What Moves and What Doesn't
Zhuo Chen
127-136 (abstract or complete paper)

The Morphophonology of A'ingae Verbal Stress
Maksymilian Dąbkowski
137-146 (abstract or complete paper)

Gradient Similarity in Lezgian Laryngeal Harmony: Representation and Computation
Huteng Dai
147-157 (abstract or complete paper)

Disjunction as Alternatives: Evidence from Phrasal Comparatives
Virginia Dawson
158-168 (abstract or complete paper)

Factivity, Assertion, and Clausal Definiteness
Kajsa Djärv
169-179 (abstract or complete paper)

Exceptional De Re in Continuation Semantics
Patrick D. Elliott
180-190 (abstract or complete paper)

Fake Arguments as Apparent Valency Changers: Evidence from Laz
Ömer Eren
191-200 (abstract or complete paper)

Epistemic Parallels between Nouns and Clauses
John Gluckman
201-210 (abstract or complete paper)

Scrapping Clauses: An Anaphor-Based Approach
Peter Grishin
211-220 (abstract or complete paper)

"Epenthetic" Vowels Are Not All Equal: Gradient Representation in Yokuts Roots and Suffixes
Peter Guekguezian and Karen Jesney
221-230 (abstract or complete paper)

Accounting for Variation in Number Agreement in Icelandic Dative-Nominative Constructions
Jacob Louis Hoover
231-241 (abstract or complete paper)

Two Ways of Building Reciprocity: A Study of Mandarin Reciprocals
Filipe Hisao Kobayashi
242-252 (abstract or complete paper)

How to Value Gender: Lexicon, Agree and Feature Transmission under Ellipsis
Ivona Kučerová, Cassandra Chapman, and Keir Moulton
253-263 (abstract or complete paper)

Verb Doubling and Cyclic Linearization
Tommy Tsz-Ming Lee
264-273 (abstract or complete paper)

Raising, Phase Unlocked
Tommy Tsz-Ming Lee and Ka-Fai Yip
274-282 (abstract or complete paper)

"Say"-Chains, Not "Say"-Complementation
Travis Major and Harold Torrence
283-293 (abstract or complete paper)

Left-Branch Extraction and Barss' Generalization: Against a Remnant Movement Approach
Andrew Murphy
294-304 (abstract or complete paper)

A Hypothesis on the Origin of Preglottalized Sonorants in Kadai
Peter Norquest
305-314 (abstract or complete paper)

Asymmetrical Agreement: Evidence from Focus-Agreement in Cabo Verdean Creole
Miki Obata and Marlyse Baptista
315-322 (abstract or complete paper)

Feature Inheritance and Nominative-Genitive Conversion in Japanese
Masao Ochi
323-333 (abstract or complete paper)

Exhaustivity and the Meaning of Colour Terms
Mathieu Paillé
334-344 (abstract or complete paper)

Multiple Polarity-Related Heads, Their Interpretations, and NSI Licensing
Dongwoo Park, Semoon Hoe, and Han-Byul Chung
345-354 (abstract or complete paper)

English wh&wh Constructions: Conjoin and Move
David Potter and Michael Frazier
355-365 (abstract or complete paper)

Eligibility at PF: Ellipsis and Concord in Moksha
Mariia Privizentseva
366-376 (abstract or complete paper)

Is Multiple Fronting Necessary for Multiple Sluicing? The View from Hungarian
Eszter Ronai and Laura Stigliano
377-385 (abstract or complete paper)

Subjectless Presuppositions and the Semantics of Verbal Roots
Ryan Walter Smith and Jianrong Yu
386-396 (abstract or complete paper)

Learning Syllable-Based vs. Segment-Based Infixation Patterns
Peter Staroverov and Sara Finley
397-405 (abstract or complete paper)

Prosodic Prominence in Speech Perception: The Influence of Focus Prosody on the Perception of Durational and Spectral Cues
Jeremy Steffman and Sun-Ah Jun
406-416 (abstract or complete paper)

Agreement with Deficient Pronouns in Laki: A Syntactic Repair to a Clitic Cluster Restriction
Sahar Taghipour and Arsalan Kahnemuyipour
417-426 (abstract or complete paper)

Syntax-Prosody Mismatches and the Duality of Vedic Devatā Dvandva
Tamisha L. Tan
427-438 (abstract or complete paper)

A Semantic Constraint on the Interpretation of Pronominal Elements
Yuta Tatsumi
439-449 (abstract or complete paper)

When if or when Specify Modals
Jos Tellings
450-460 (abstract or complete paper)

Static Harmonic Grammar: Constraint Conflict without Candidate Comparison
Colin Wilson
461-471 (abstract or complete paper)

Differential Subject Marking Also Depends on Syntactic Height: Evidence from Delaware
Yadong Xu
472-482 (abstract or complete paper)

How to License Embedded Instances of no-da and the Politeness Marker mas in Japanese: CP Recursion or Speech Act Phrase
Miyoko Yasui
483-492 (abstract or complete paper)

A QUD-Based Theory of Quantifier Conjunction with but
Jing Crystal Zhong and James N. Collins
493-503 (abstract or complete paper)