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Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Aaron Kaplan, Abby Kaplan, Miranda K. McCarvel, and Edward J. Rubin
Printed edition: $410.00 $240.00 (advance price until February 28, 2017)


This proceedings will be published approximately February 28, 2017. Links to abstracts and complete papers will appear on this page then. Advance orders are welcome!

Aaron Kaplan, Abby Kaplan, Miranda K. McCarvel, and Edward J. Rubin

Cumulative Constraint Interactions: Violations and Domains Encompassing Segmental Spans
Rachel Walker

Perspective on Korean Anaphors: Comparing Inanimate cachey vs. Animate caki-casin
Dorothy Ahn and Isabelle Charnavel

Agreement and Anaphora in the Context of Imposters
Faruk Akkuş

A Syntactic Analysis of Rhetorical Questions
Asier Alcázar

Non-templatic Plural Reduplication in Tohono O'odham
Skye Anderson and Ryan Walter Smith

The Interaction of Stress and Syllabification: Serial or Parallel?
Arto Anttila and Naomi Tachikawa Shapiro

Russian –sja as a Verbalizer
David Basilico

The Semantic Contribution of Idiosyncratic Roots in Ditransitive Verbs
John Beavers and Andrew Koontz-Garboden

Different Paths in Directed Manner of Motion Constructions
Alison Biggs

Prosody of Focus in a Language with a Fixed Focus Position: Evidence from Georgian
Lena Borise

On Clitic Doubling and Argument Ellipsis
Željko Bošković

Initial Stages of Events: The Atayal Unmarked Predicates
Sihwei Chen

The Epistemic Indefinite shenme in Mandarin
Zhuo Chen

Raising Awareness with Imperatives
Phil Crone

Roots in Adpositional Domains: Reasons to Include a little p_ Categorial Head
Robert Joel Deacon

Syntactic Ergativity as Case Discrimination
Amy Rose Deal

Why Affixal Negation Is Syntactic
Karen De Clercq and Guido Vanden Wyngaerd

A Compositional Semantics for Turkish Correlatives
Ömer Demirok

Multiple and Cyclic Agree: Person/Number Marking in Cheyenne
Miloje Despić, Michael David Hamilton, and Sarah E. Murray

Testing the QUD Approach: Children's Comprehension of Scopally Ambiguous Questions
Federica di Bacco, Lyn Tieu, Vincenzo Moscati, Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali, and Jacopo Romoli

A Closer Look: Investigating the Mechanisms of Syntactic Satiation
Monica Do and Elsi Kaiser

Subjectivity and Evaluation in Standard Setting: A Study on Mandarin hen
Huilin Fang

Pseudogapping Does Not Involve Heavy Shift
Michael Fetters and Aaron Steven White

Modal Scope in Negative Inversion Constructions
Naomi Francis

Effects of Telicity and Agentivity on Floating Numeral Quantifiers as an Unaccusative Diagnostic
Shin Fukuda

Location Verbs and the Instrument-Subject Alternation
Alfredo García-Pardo

German Relative Clauses and the Severed Index Hypothesis
Emily Hanink and Julian Grove

Loanword Adaptation in Québec French: Evidence for Weighted Scalar Constraints
Brian Hsu and Karen Jesney

Derived Ergative in Ixil
Yusuke Imanishi

Indirect Evidentials: More Arguments for the Sentience Domain Projection
Monica Alexandrina Irimia

Interactions between Similarity and Proximity in Dissimilation: Swedish Case Study
Hayeun Jang

The Licensing Head Xº[E]: Can It Be Deleted? If So, Why and How?
Wonsuk Jung

Some QPs, but Not All, Interact with Prosody
Chorong Kang

Degree Achievement in Across-Individuals
Chorong Kang and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

Phonological Learning Bias in Tone Retention Patterns
Sophia Kao

Incomplete Neutralization and the (A)symmetry of Paradigm Uniformity
Abby Kaplan

An Intervention Approach to Antiagreement
Kunio Kinjo

An Applicative Approach to Major Object Constructions in East Asian Languages
Daiho Kitaoka

Change of State Verbs and the Semantics of Roots
Andrew Koontz-Garboden and John Beavers

Is There Any Defective Intervention in the Syntax?
Mihaela Marchis Moreno and Carolina Petersen

Head-Splitting in the Wolof Clausal Periphery
Martina Martinović

The Morpho-syntax of Hawaiian Valency Morphology
David J. Medeiros

The Standard Marker in Malayalam Encodes Comparative Semantics
Mythili Menon

Experiencers Do Not Categorically Block Long-Distance Control of PRO: Evidence from Naturalness Ratings and Eye Movements During Reading
Alexandra Motut and Margaret Grant

Pair-Merge and Feature-Valuation via Minimal Search: Evidence from Icelandic
Masashi Nomura

Nouns Attributively Modifying Adjectives in English
Charlie O'Hara

Inverse Marking as Impoverishment
Will Oxford

Propositional how Questions and Negation
Marjorie Pak

Complex Predication via Phrasal Adjunction to a Head Category
Yağmur Sağ

A Corpus-Based Study of Phonological Variation: The Domain of OCP and Morphological Boundaries
Shin-ichiro Sano

The Reanalysis of Lithuanian Reflexive -si-: A DM Approach
Milena Šereikaitė

Major Phrases Are Binary: Evidence from Taiwan Mandarin Flat Structure
Shu-hao Shih

Taraldsen's Generalization in Diachrony: Evidence from a Diachronic Corpus
Alexandra Simonenko, Benoît Crabbé, and Sophie Prévost

The Syntax of Focus Association in Dutch and German: Evidence from Scope Reconstruction
Liz Smeets and Michael Wagner

Ellipsis or Pro-Form: Reconstruction Effects of Sluicing in Mandarin Chinese
Wei Song and Masaya Yoshida

Partial Cyclicity and Restrictions on Neg-raising
Frank Staniszewski

Between you and me: Two Crosslinguistic Generalizations on Person Restrictions
Adrian Stegovec

On the Existence of DPs and Bi-phasal Nominals in Bangla
Saurov Syed and Andrew Simpson

Phonotactically-Driven Rendaku in Surnames: A Linguistic Study Using Social Media
Yu Tanaka

More Arguments against Japanese as a Mora Language
Koichi Tateishi

Reciprocal Verbal Compounds and Null Reciprocals in Japanese
Yuta Tatsumi

Deriving Inverse-Marking Patterns in Nishnaabemwin
Sigwan Thivierge

Preverbal Number Phrases in Mandarin and the Scalar Reasoning of jiu
Cheng-Yu Edwin Tsai

The have yet to Construction: A Microcomparative Account
Matthew Tyler and Jim Wood

Deriving Specificity, Freechoice and Ignorance with Q-particles in Sinhala
Tharanga Weerasooriya

Markedness Effects in Visual Processing of Nonnative Onset Clusters
Mackenzie Young and Colin Wilson

LITTLE: Not a Dichotomy-Based Negation Operator, but a Trivalence-Based Polar Opposition Operator
Linmin Zhang and Jia Ling

This proceedings will be published approximately February 28, 2017. Links to abstracts and complete papers will appear on this page then. Advance orders are welcome!