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Selected Proceedings of the 12th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Claudia Borgonovo, Manuel Español-Echevarría, and Philippe Prévost
Printed edition: $270.00


Claudia Borgonovo, Manuel Español-Echevarría, and Philippe Prévost
v (abstract or complete paper)

— Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, and Pragmatics —

Perfect Semantics: How Universal Are Ibero-American Present Perfects?
Brenda Laca
1-16 (abstract or complete paper)

Negation and the Interpretation of Spanish Rhetorical Exclamatives
Patricia Andueza and Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach
17-25 (abstract or complete paper)

Some Dative Subjects Are Born, Some Are Made
María Cristina Cuervo
26-37 (abstract or complete paper)

Obviation in Argument Structure: Spanish Prepositional Arguments and Expanded Unergatives in Italian and English
Eva Juarros-Daussà
38-49 (abstract or complete paper)

The Lack of Spanish Non-Argumental Clitic Doubling
Jonathan E. MacDonald and Susana Huidobro
50-62 (abstract or complete paper)

Context-Anchoring and the Syntax of Spanish
Iván Ortega-Santos
63-74 (abstract or complete paper)

Rhotics in Spanish: A New Look at an Old Problem
Sonia Colina
75-86 (abstract or complete paper)

— Sociolinguistics and Language Variation —

Visión diacrónica y dialectal de las formas de tratamiento en los Andes venezolanos
Enrique Obediente Sosa
87-96 (abstract or complete paper)

The Application of Clitic Climbing in European Portuguese and the Role of Register
Aroldo Leal de Andrade
97-108 (abstract or complete paper)

Una perspectiva pragmática del presente progresivo con valor de futuro en el español del Caribe
Héctor Aponte Alequín and Luis A. Ortiz López
109-121 (abstract or complete paper)

Social Motivations for Sustained Bilingualism in an Italo-Mexican Community
Hilary Barnes
122-135 (abstract or complete paper)

Perception and Identity: Stereotypes of Speech and Sexual Orientation in Puerto Rican Spanish
Sara Mack
136-147 (abstract or complete paper)

Comparing Dominican Linguistic (In)security in the Dominican Republic and in the Diaspora
Eva-María Suárez Büdenbender
148-159 (abstract or complete paper)

— Acquisition —

Intransitive/Inchoative Structures in L2 Spanish
Mónica Cabrera
160-170 (abstract or complete paper)

Null and Overt Subject Biases in Spanish and Italian: A Cross-linguistic Comparison
Francesca Filiaci
171-182 (abstract or complete paper)

Lexically-Based Interlinguistic Influence at the Syntax-Semantic Interface: Copula Omission in the English Grammar of English-Spanish Bilinguals
Juana M. Liceras, Raquel Fernández Fuertes, Anahí Alba de la Fuente, and Maribel Tercedor Sánchez
183-193 (abstract or complete paper)

Adquisición de 1L1 vs. 2L1 y L2: la interfaz morfosintáctica de los objetos directos
Luis A. Ortiz López
194-208 (abstract or complete paper)

Cuando era feliz, e indocumentado: An Aspectual Approach to Copula Choice in L2 Spanish
Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Yadira Álvarez, and Tanya Battersby
209-220 (abstract or complete paper)

Transferencia diferencial: el caso del náhuatl y el español
Alma P. Ramírez-Trujillo
221-233 (abstract or complete paper)

An L2 Pronunciation Judgment Task
Adolfo Ausín and Megan Sutton
234-245 (abstract or complete paper)

The SLA of Direct Object Pronouns in a Study Abroad Immersion Environment Where Use Is Variable
Kimberly L. Geeslin, Lorenzo J. García-Amaya, Maria Hasler-Barker, Nicholas C. Henriksen, and Jason Killam
246-259 (abstract or complete paper)

Input from Spanish Textbooks: Two Case Studies of Poverty/Richness of the Stimulus
Grant Goodall
260-269 (abstract or complete paper)

Exploring the Roles of Redundancy and Ambiguity in Variable Subject Expression: A Comparison of Native and Non-native Speakers
Aarnes Gudmestad and Kimberly L. Geeslin
270-283 (abstract or complete paper)

Emotional Intelligence, Motivational Orientations, and Motivational Learning Effort and Achievement in Spanish as a Foreign Language
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Prieto
284-297 (abstract or complete paper)

Predictors of English Reading Skills in Spanish-Speaking English-Language Learners (SpELLs)
Angela Ayre, Charles Haynes, Pamela Hook, and Paul Macaruso
298-311 (abstract or complete paper)

Leer y escribir en español: una manera de mantener la L1 de inmigrantes mexicanos en Canadá
Maria Eugenia de Luna Villalón
312-325 (abstract or complete paper)