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Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Natasha Abner and Jason Bishop
Printed edition: $375.00


Natasha Abner and Jason Bishop
vii (abstract or complete paper)

Modelling Modularity Bias in Phonological Pattern Learning
Elliott Moreton
1-16 (abstract or complete paper)

An Interval-Based Semantics for Degree Questions: Negative Islands and Their Obviation
Márta Abrusán and Benjamin Spector
17-26 (abstract or complete paper)

Chaotic Evolution in an Unbiased Learner
Adam Albright
27-35 (abstract or complete paper)

Minimal Domain Widening
Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Paula Menéndez-Benito
36-44 (abstract or complete paper)

Some Remarks on Domain Widening
Ana Arregui
45-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Factive Complements as Defective Phases
Galen Basse
54-62 (abstract or complete paper)

Doing It Again and Again May Be Difficult, But It Depends on What You Are Doing
Oliver Bott
63-71 (abstract or complete paper)

Sentence-Internal Readings of Same / Different as Quantifier-Internal Anaphora
Adrian Brasoveanu
72-80 (abstract or complete paper)

Relatively Speaking (in Circassian)
Ivano Caponigro and Maria Polinsky
81-89 (abstract or complete paper)

Using Information Content to Predict Phone Deletion
Uriel Cohen Priva
90-98 (abstract or complete paper)

When Ergative = Genitive: Nominals and Split Ergativity
Jessica Coon
99-107 (abstract or complete paper)

Clausal Question-Answer Pairs: Evidence from ASL
Kathryn Davidson, Ivano Caponigro, and Rachel Mayberry
108-115 (abstract or complete paper)

Size Matters: Towards a Syntactic Decomposition of Countability
Marijke De Belder
116-122 (abstract or complete paper)

Contour Tone Distribution in Luganda
Katharine Dutcher and Mary Paster
123-131 (abstract or complete paper)

Topics as Speech Acts: An Analysis of Conditionals
Christian Ebert, Cornelia Endriss, and Stefan Hinterwimmer
132-140 (abstract or complete paper)

Intervention Effects: Why Amharic Patterns Differently
Aviad Eilam
141-149 (abstract or complete paper)

Reduplication without RED: Evidence from Diddly-infixation
Emily Elfner and Wendell Kimper
150-158 (abstract or complete paper)

Number Agreement with Weak Quantifiers in Basque
Urtzi Etxeberria and Ricardo Etxepare
159-167 (abstract or complete paper)

Analytic Biases for Vowel Harmony Languages
Sara Finley and William Badecker
168-176 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Contrast in Laryngeal Cooccurrence Restrictions
Gillian Gallagher
177-184 (abstract or complete paper)

Non-Core Arguments in Verbal and Nominal Predication: High and Low Applicatives and Possessor Raising
Pavel Grashchenkov and Vita G. Markman
185-193 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Syntax and Semantics of Heim's Ambiguity
Jesse A. Harris
194-202 (abstract or complete paper)

Dwarf-Class Verbs, Theta-Theory and Argument Linking
Jeremy Hartman
203-210 (abstract or complete paper)

Intensional Transitives and Silent HAVE: Distinguishing between Want and Need
Stephanie Harves
211-219 (abstract or complete paper)

Presuppositions Can Be Disruptors Too: A Case against Strawson-Entailment
Vincent Homer
220-228 (abstract or complete paper)

An Experimental Investigation of the Semantics and Pragmatics of Specificity
Tania Ionin
229-237 (abstract or complete paper)

Analogical Changes in the Accent of Sino-Korean Words in Yanbian Korean
Chiyuki Ito
238-246 (abstract or complete paper)

Alternative Semantics for the Hebrew Determiner Eyze
Olga Kagan and Ilona Spector
247-255 (abstract or complete paper)

Consequences of Using One Form and Not the Other: Interpreting Finnish Reciprocals
Elsi Kaiser
256-264 (abstract or complete paper)

Intensifiers in German and Dutch Anaphor Resolution
Elsi Kaiser and Jeffrey T. Runner
265-273 (abstract or complete paper)

Opacity in Tundra Nenets
Darya Kavitskaya and Peter Staroverov
274-282 (abstract or complete paper)

Focus Structure and Acceptability in Verb Phrase Ellipsis
Laura Kertz
283-291 (abstract or complete paper)

Situation Economy
Ezra Keshet
292-300 (abstract or complete paper)

Quantifier Scope Constraints in ACD: Implications for the Syntax of Relative Clauses
Jorie Koster-Moeller and Martin Hackl
301-309 (abstract or complete paper)

Verification Procedures for Modified Numeral Quantifiers
Jorie Koster-Moeller, Jason Varvoutis, and Martin Hackl
310-317 (abstract or complete paper)

On Extending the Application-domain of the CSC
Clemens Mayr and Viola Schmitt
318-325 (abstract or complete paper)

A Time-Relational Approach to Tense and Mood
Ilana Mezhevich
326-334 (abstract or complete paper)

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Multi-level Phonetic Imitation
Kuniko Nielsen and Colin Wilson
335-343 (abstract or complete paper)

Two Puzzles about Infinitivals with Too
Jon Nissenbaum and Bernhard Schwarz
344-352 (abstract or complete paper)

Deducing Improper Movement from Phase-Based C-to-T Phi Transfer: Feature-Splitting Internal Merge
Miki Obata and Samuel David Epstein
353-360 (abstract or complete paper)

A-Movement and Intervention Effects in Luganda
Marjorie Pak
361-369 (abstract or complete paper)

Russian nibud'-Series as Markers of Co-variation
Asya Pereltsvaig
370-378 (abstract or complete paper)

Spell Out Your Sister!
Tobias Scheer
379-387 (abstract or complete paper)

Microparameters of Cross-Linguistic Variation: Directed Motion and Resultatives
Minjeong Son and Peter Svenonius
388-396 (abstract or complete paper)

Magnitude Estimation and the Non-Linearity of Acceptability Judgments
Jon Sprouse
397-403 (abstract or complete paper)

Islands in Sluicing in Polish
Adam Szczegielniak
404-412 (abstract or complete paper)

Exceptionality and Variation in Modern Hebrew Spirantization
Michal Temkin Martínez
413-421 (abstract or complete paper)

An Analysis of the Xiamen Tone Circle
Guillaume Thomas
422-430 (abstract or complete paper)

Variance and Informativity in Different Measures of Linguistic Acceptability
Thomas Weskott and Gisbert Fanselow
431-439 (abstract or complete paper)

Circumstantial Evidence for Syntactic Head Movement
Bartosz Wiland
440-448 (abstract or complete paper)

Noun-Verb Asymmetries in Korean Phonology
Jiwon Yun
449-457 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonological Knowledge beyond the Lexicon in Taiwanese Double Reduplication
Jie Zhang and Yuwen Lai
458-466 (abstract or complete paper)