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Selected Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Jonathan Holmquist, Augusto Lorenzino, and Lotfi Sayahi
Printed edition: $180.00


Jonathan Holmquist, Augusto Lorenzino, and Lotfi Sayahi
v-viii (abstract or complete paper)

Three Approaches to Finding the Social in the Linguistic
Richard Cameron
1-22 (abstract or complete paper)

Effects of Age and Gender on Liquid Assimilation in Cuban Spanish
Gabriela G. Alfaraz
23-29 (abstract or complete paper)

Diphthongization of Mid/Low Vowel Sequences in Colombian Spanish
Marisol Garrido
30-37 (abstract or complete paper)

El habla de Yuacatám: Final [m] in a Dialect in Contact
Jim Michnowicz
38-43 (abstract or complete paper)

Mobility and its Effects on Vowel Raising in the Coffee Zone of Puerto Rico
Julia Oliver Rajan
44-52 (abstract or complete paper)

Lorain Puerto Rican Spanish and 'r' in Three Generations
Michelle F. Ramos-Pellicia
53-60 (abstract or complete paper)

The Use of gheada in Three Generations of Women from Carballo, A Coruña
Juan Antonio Thomas
61-73 (abstract or complete paper)

La pluralización del verbo haber impersonal en el español yucateco
Carolina Castillo-Trelles
74-84 (abstract or complete paper)

Los Mexicanos in New Jersey: Pronominal Expression and Ethnolinguistic Aspects
Nydia Flores-Ferrán
85-91 (abstract or complete paper)

Exploring Copula Choice in Spanish: A Look at Gender
Kimberly Geeslin and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes
92-102 (abstract or complete paper)

Social Constraints on the Expression of Futurity in Spanish-Speaking Urban Communities
Rafael Orozco
103-112 (abstract or complete paper)

Null Objects and Neuter lo: A Cross-Dialectal Variationist Analysis
Assela Reig Alamillo and Scott A. Schwenter
113-121 (abstract or complete paper)

Subject Personal Pronouns and Impersonal Sentences in Adult Colombian Immigrants' Spanish
Dora B. Ramírez
122-128 (abstract or complete paper)

Word Order in Bilingual Spanish: Convergence and Intonation Strategy
Emily Hinch Nava
129-139 (abstract or complete paper)

Natural Second Language Acquisition or Pidginization? Present Tense Verb Usage by Adult Chinese Speakers of Spanish in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Hsiao-Ping Hu
140-149 (abstract or complete paper)

New Latino Diaspora and New Zones of Language Contact: A Social Constructionist Analysis of Spanish Speaking Latin Americans in Catalonia
Steve Marshall
150-161 (abstract or complete paper)

Blogging in Two Languages: Code-Switching in Bilingual Blogs
Cecilia Montes-Alcalá
162-170 (abstract or complete paper)

El contacto créole/español y la adquisición de clíticos en la frontera domínico-haitiana
Luis A. Ortiz López and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes
171-182 (abstract or complete paper)

Doing Catalan Spanish: Pragmatic Resources and Discourse Strategies in Ways of Speaking Spanish in Barcelona
Robert E. Vann
183-192 (abstract or complete paper)