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Share HEL-LEX 2005

Selected Proceedings of the 2005 Symposium on New Approaches in English Historical Lexis (HEL-LEX)
edited by R. W. McConchie, Olga Timofeeva, Heli Tissari, and Tanja Säily
Printed edition: $210.00


R. W. McConchie
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

Embodiment, Experiential Focus, and Diachronic Change in Metaphor
Zoltán Kövecses
1-7 (abstract or complete paper)

Law and Early Modern English Lexicons
Ian Lancashire
8-23 (abstract or complete paper)

Richard Huloet as a Recorder of the English Lexicon
Gabriele Stein
24-33 (abstract or complete paper)

Proposal for a Dictionary of Syntactic and Semantic Complementation of Old English Adjectives
Alejandro Alcaraz Sintes
34-40 (abstract or complete paper)

Eighteenth-Century Quotation Searches in the Oxford English Dictionary
Charlotte Brewer
41-50 (abstract or complete paper)

Latin Forms in Vernacular Scientific Writing: Code-Switching or Borrowing?
Begoña Crespo and Isabel Moskowich
51-59 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Cyclicity of Meaning Alterations in English Historical Synonyms of MAN/MALE HUMAN BEING
Marcin Grygiel
60-68 (abstract or complete paper)

Bread, Crumbs and Related Matters in the Ormulum
Nils-Lennart Johannesson
69-82 (abstract or complete paper)

From Evil Riches to Common Fertilizer: Mucking in with Semantic Change
Bianca Kossmann
83-94 (abstract or complete paper)

Technical Combining Forms in the Third Edition of the OED: Word-Formation in a Historical Dictionary
Jane McCauley
95-104 (abstract or complete paper)

Disturbling News from the Thirteenth Century: Variation in a Borrowed Lexeme in Middle English
R. W. McConchie
105-112 (abstract or complete paper)

MAN-Compounds in English
Kirsti Peitsara
113-122 (abstract or complete paper)

Russian Borrowings in English: Similarities and Differences in Lexicographic Description
Mirosława Podhajecka
123-134 (abstract or complete paper)

Word be worde—andgit of andgite: A Study of the Medieval Rhetorical Formula
Olga Timofeeva
135-142 (abstract or complete paper)

Conceptualizing Shame: Investigating Uses of the English Word Shame, 1418-1991
Heli Tissari
143-154 (abstract or complete paper)

Tokens, Signs, and Symptoms: Signifier Terms in Medical Texts from 1375 to 1725
Jukka Tyrkkö
155-165 (abstract or complete paper)

Corpus Linguistics and the Rediscovery of Anglo-Saxon Heathenism
Juan Gabriel Vázquez González
166-177 (abstract or complete paper)

Using the Internet as a Resource in Writing and Updating Dictionary Entries
Luanne von Schneidemesser
178-184 (abstract or complete paper)