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Proposal for a Dictionary of Syntactic and Semantic Complementation of Old English Adjectives
Alejandro Alcaraz Sintes
34-40 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper is a proposal for a corpus-based dictionary of Old English adjective complementation. It will describe the syntactic and semantic structures of clauses whose predicate is a complemented adjective and of NPs with a complemented adjectival noun modifier. Both personal and impersonal constructions will be included. It will establish associations between entries on the basis of semantic opposition and similarity, and semantic class membership. A notation system is proposed to describe the different layers of information of an entry. The paper describes the different elements composing an entry and includes, by way of examples, the entries for five adjectives.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2005 Symposium on New Approaches in English Historical Lexis (HEL-LEX)
edited by R. W. McConchie, Olga Timofeeva, Heli Tissari, and Tanja Säily
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