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Selected Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Ana M. Carvalho and Sara Beaudrie
Printed edition: $220.00


Ana M. Carvalho and Sara Beaudrie
v-vii (abstract or complete paper)

— Variation in Spanish —

"Yo a mí me parece": la gramaticalización de "yo" como marcador de discurso en el español coloquial
Carmen Ruiz-Sánchez
1-10 (abstract or complete paper)

Puerto Rican Intensifiers: Bien/Muy Variables
Esther L. Brown and Mayra Cortés-Torres
11-19 (abstract or complete paper)

Las funciones de venga como intensificador en el español peninsular
Inmaculada Garnes
20-31 (abstract or complete paper)

Haya vs. Haiga: An Analysis of the Variation Observed in Mexican Spanish Using a Mixed Effects Model
Mary Johnson and Sonia Barnes
32-40 (abstract or complete paper)

Peripheral Envelopes: Spanish Perfects in the Variable Context
Chad Howe and Celeste Rodríguez Louro
41-52 (abstract or complete paper)

Generalized Conversational Implicatures and Indexical Fields: The Case of Address Forms
Sarah Sinnott
53-62 (abstract or complete paper)

Second-Language Development of Variable Future-Time Expression in Spanish
Aarnes Gudmestad and Kimberly Geeslin
63-75 (abstract or complete paper)

Asturian Identity Reflected in Pronoun Use: Enclisis and Proclisis Patterns in Asturian Spanish
Verónica González López
76-86 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language Contact —

Some Remarks on the Origin of Chota Valley Spanish
Sandro Sessarego
87-96 (abstract or complete paper)

Habitual Aspect Marking in Palenquero: Variation in Present Temporal Reference
Hiram L. Smith
97-108 (abstract or complete paper)

Peak Alignment in Semi-spontaneous Bilingual Chipilo Spanish
Hilary Barnes and Jim Michnowicz
109-122 (abstract or complete paper)

One Construction, Two Source Languages: Hacer with an English Infinitive in Bilingual Discourse
Damián Vergara Wilson
123-134 (abstract or complete paper)

Women as Leaders of Language Change: A Qualification from the Bilingual Perspective
Naomi Lapidus Shin
135-147 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Transmission among Catalan and Galician Immigrants in New York City
Eva Juarros-Daussà
148-157 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language Attitudes and Perception —

Not Correct but Not Bad Either: Another Look at the Social Meaning of "Velar r" in Puerto Rican Spanish
Ann Marie Delforge
158-168 (abstract or complete paper)

The Interplay Between Native Spanish Dialect Exposure and Foreign Accent Perception
Elena Schoonmaker-Gates
169-176 (abstract or complete paper)

La fricativización del africado /ʧ/: actitudes lingüísticas cerca de la frontera
Joseph Vincent Casillas
177-188 (abstract or complete paper)

Regional Variation in the Perception of Sociophonetic Variants of Spanish /s/
Lauren B. Schmidt
189-202 (abstract or complete paper)