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Selected Proceedings of the 2007 Second Language Research Forum
edited by Melissa Bowles, Rebecca Foote, Silvia Perpiñán, and Rakesh Bhatt
Printed edition: $270.00


Melissa Bowles, Rebecca Foote, Silvia Perpiñán, and Rakesh Bhatt
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

— 1. L2 Morphosyntax: Nominal Domain —

Adult Accessibility to L2 Representational Features: Evidence from the Spanish DP
Tiffany Judy, Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, and Jason Rothman
1-21 (abstract or complete paper)

Agreeing That Agreement Isn't the Problem
Darren Tanner
22-34 (abstract or complete paper)

— 2. L2 Morphosyntax: Sentential Domain —

The Combinatorial Variability Hypothesis in the Second Language
Roumyana Slabakova and Johnathan Gajdos
35-43 (abstract or complete paper)

Crosslinguistic Influence in Andean Spanish: Word Order and Focus
Antje Muntendam
44-57 (abstract or complete paper)

Ne ... que in English-French Acquisition: Lexical Storage or Syntactic Calculations?
Laurent Dekydtspotter and Amandine Lorente Lapole
58-68 (abstract or complete paper)

Variable Subject Expression in Second-language Spanish: A Comparison of Native and Non-native Speakers
Kimberly L. Geeslin and Aarnes Gudmestad
69-85 (abstract or complete paper)

When a Local Anaphor Is Not Locally Bound: Understanding Korean Exempt Binding by Bilinguals
Ji-Hye Kim
86-96 (abstract or complete paper)

— 3. L2 Pragmatics —

The Role of Pragmatics in Reflexive Interpretation by Korean Learners of English
Kum-Young Lee
97-112 (abstract or complete paper)

The Use of Conventional Expressions of Thanking, Apologizing, and Refusing
Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Marda Rose, and Edelmira L. Nickels
113-130 (abstract or complete paper)

Consequences of Shifting Styles in Japanese: L2 Style-Shifting and L1 Listeners' Attitudes
Yuriko Miyamoto Caltabiano
131-143 (abstract or complete paper)

Observed Learner Behavior, Reported Use, and Evaluation of a Website for Learning Spanish Pragmatics
Julie M. Sykes and Andrew D. Cohen
144-157 (abstract or complete paper)

— 4. L2 Phonology —

Prosodic Constraints in the Acquisition of English Primary Stress by French Canadian L2 Learners
Annie Tremblay
158-170 (abstract or complete paper)

Representation of Phonological Alternations in a First and a Second Language: A Preliminary Report
Isabelle Darcy
171-186 (abstract or complete paper)

Social, Experiential and Psychological Factors Affecting L2 Dialect Acquisition
Wendy Baker
187-198 (abstract or complete paper)

— 5. Awareness in SLA —

Think-Aloud Protocols and Type of Reading Task: The Issue of Reactivity in L2 Reading Research
Mami Yoshida
199-209 (abstract or complete paper)

Revisiting the Involvement Load Hypothesis: Awareness, Type of Task and Type of Item
Ana Martínez-Fernández
210-228 (abstract or complete paper)

— 6. Conversation Analysis and SLA —

Gestures in Foreign Language Classrooms: An Empirical Analysis of Their Organization and Function
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm
229-238 (abstract or complete paper)

— 7. Heritage Language Acquisition —

The Usage and Interpretation of Korean -tul 'Plural' by Heritage Language Speakers
Eugenia Suh
239-251 (abstract or complete paper)

Negative Evidence in Instructed Heritage Language Acquisition: A Preliminary Study of Differential Object Marking
Silvina Montrul and Melissa Bowles
252-262 (abstract or complete paper)