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Observed Learner Behavior, Reported Use, and Evaluation of a Website for Learning Spanish Pragmatics
Julie M. Sykes and Andrew D. Cohen
144-157 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


With the intention of sparking additional research and discussion in the area of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and second language (L2) pragmatic development, this paper reports on one component of an in-depth, qualitative research project to find out what L2 learners do when they visit a website dedicated to Spanish pragmatics as well as how they report on and perceive the materials. Ten advanced learners of Spanish participated in online instructional sessions and completed retrospective interviews. The analysis of the recorded online sessions and interview data gives preliminary insight into what learners do with online pragmatics materials as well as how they perceive that learning experience. Results of this small-scale study are presented with the intention of sparking additional research projects in this area. Implications for research and pedagogy are presented.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2007 Second Language Research Forum
edited by Melissa Bowles, Rebecca Foote, Silvia Perpiñán, and Rakesh Bhatt
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