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Selected Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
edited by Manuel Díaz-Campos
Printed edition: $180.00


Manuel Díaz-Campos
v-viii (abstract or complete paper)

— Part 1: Segmental Analysis —

Phonetic Realizations of /sr/ Clusters in Latin American Spanish
Travis G. Bradley
1-13 (abstract or complete paper)

Nasals Unplugged: The Aerodynamics of Nasal De-occlusivization in Spanish
Ryan Shosted and Beatriz Willgohs
14-21 (abstract or complete paper)

Increasing Periodicity to Reduce Similarity: An Acoustic Account of Deassibilation in Rhotics
Laura Colantoni
22-34 (abstract or complete paper)

Methodological Issues in L2 Perception Research and Vowel Spectral Cues in Spanish Listeners' Perception of Word-Final /t/ and /d/ in Spanish
Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
35-47 (abstract or complete paper)

Acoustic and Perceptual Characterization of the Epenthetic Vowel between the Clusters Formed by Consonant + Liquid in Spanish
Carlos Julio Ramírez
48-61 (abstract or complete paper)

— Part 2: Intonation and Stress —

The Direction of Inflection: Downtrends and Uptrends in Peruvian Spanish Broad Focus Declaratives
Erin O'Rourke
62-74 (abstract or complete paper)

Rethinking Spanish L*+H and L+H*
Timothy L. Face
75-84 (abstract or complete paper)

A Laboratory Analysis of Suprasegmental Features in Normal and Pathological Speech of Buenos Aires Spanish According to the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior
Claudia Enbe, Jorge Gurlekian, and Yishai Tobin
85-103 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonetic Cues to Stress and Accent in Spanish
Marta Ortega-Llebaria
104-118 (abstract or complete paper)

— Part 3: Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy —

On the Teaching of Spanish Pronunciation
Terrell A. Morgan
119-130 (abstract or complete paper)

The Acquisition of the Phrase Accent by Beginning Adult Learners of Spanish as a Second Language
Holly J. Nibert
131-148 (abstract or complete paper)