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A Laboratory Analysis of Suprasegmental Features in Normal and Pathological Speech of Buenos Aires Spanish According to the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior
Claudia Enbe, Jorge Gurlekian, and Yishai Tobin
85-103 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper deals with the prosody of Buenos Aires Spanish (BAS) as spoken by speakers of Normal Speech (NS) and speakers of Pathological Speech (PS). The goals of the research are: (1) to contribute to the linguistic description of the norms of speech prosody in BAS, (2) to describe the suprasegmental features of intonation in BAS normal and pathological, (3) to compare and to contrast the prosodic patterns according to the sociolinguistic approach of gender and age, and (4) to analyze the results according to the principles of the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior (PHB). The corpus contains three sentences (declarative, wh-question, and exclamatory), uttered in a repetition task by 36 native speakers of BAS NS and PS (males and females), divided in three diferent age groups (5-8; 18-50; 51-75). The results show that despite their qualitative and quantitative differences in prosody, both NS and PS speakers maintain: (1) the contrastive function of intonation, (2) a regular placement of stress in content words, (3) a lowering of tone in sentence-final position for declarative sentences, and (4) a marked tonal contour in both exclamatory and interrogative sentences.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
edited by Manuel Díaz-Campos
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