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Selected Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Shifting the Center of Africanism in Language Politics and Economic Globalization
edited by Olaoba F. Arasanyin and Michael A. Pemberton
Printed edition: $250.00


Olaoba F. Arasanyin and Michael A. Pemberton
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

— Plenary Papers —

The State of African Languages and the Global Language Politics: Empowering African Languages in the Era of Globalization
Zaline Makini Roy-Campbell
1-13 (abstract or complete paper)

The Inventions of African Identities and Languages: The Discursive and Developmental Implications
Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
14-26 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonology —

Assimilatory Processes in Ibibio Child Phonology
Ekaete Evangel Akpan
27-36 (abstract or complete paper)

Perception of Yoruba Word-Initial [g͡b] and [b]
Michael Cahill
37-41 (abstract or complete paper)

Segmental Typology of African Creole Languages: Examining Uniformity, Simplification and Simplicity
Thomas B. Klein
42-50 (abstract or complete paper)

— Syntax —

Resumptive Pronominal Clitics in Bantu Languages
Deo S. Ngonyani
51-59 (abstract or complete paper)

Multiple Agreement, Concord and Case Checking in Bantu
Brent Henderson
60-65 (abstract or complete paper)

Observations on Double Object Construction in Luganda
Jackson Ssekiryango
66-74 (abstract or complete paper)

Question Formation in the Karonga Dialect of Tumbuka
Wendell A. Kimper
75-79 (abstract or complete paper)

— Morpho-Semantics —

Response-Comment Elements in Yorùbá Conversational Discourse
Adeleke A. Fakoya
80-92 (abstract or complete paper)

Blin Orthography: A History and an Assessment
Paul D. Fallon
93-98 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language in Pedagogy —

Teaching an African Language and Culture in a Changing European Environment: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives
George Alao
99-108 (abstract or complete paper)

Pioneering Yoruba as a Foreign Language at an Historically Black Institution: Cultural, Ideological and Curricular Challenges
Timothy T. Ajani
109-115 (abstract or complete paper)

A Global Evaluation of the Teaching and Learning of Yorùbá Language as a Second or Foreign Language
Akinloye Ojo
116-120 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Acquisition and Yoruba Tones: Issues and Challenges
Olanike Ola Orie
121-128 (abstract or complete paper)

Globalization and the Problems and Prospects of Teaching and Learning of Yoruba as a Second Language (L2) in Colleges of Education in Nigeria
Oyewole Arohunmolase
129-132 (abstract or complete paper)

Socio-pragmatic Constraints to Native or Indigenous Language Education in Cameroon
Eric A. Anchimbe
133-141 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language in Social Context —

Knowledge Production in What Language? The Hegemonic Use of English as a Language of Commerce and Industry from a South African Perspective
P. L. Phaahla
142-154 (abstract or complete paper)

Nigerian Media, Indigenous Languages and Sustainable Development
Harrison Adéníyì and Rachael Béllò
155-160 (abstract or complete paper)

An Examination of the Application and Relevance of Des Wilson's Taxonomy of Traditional Media Systems in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart
'Dele Odunlami
161-165 (abstract or complete paper)

The Globalized World Languages: The Case of Kiswahili
Lioba Moshi
166-175 (abstract or complete paper)

Formal and Informal Development of the Swahili Language: Focus on Tanzania
Karsten Legère
176-184 (abstract or complete paper)

Hybrid Languages: The Case of Sheng
Mokaya Bosire
185-193 (abstract or complete paper)

An Integrated Approach to the Study of Language Attitudes and Change in Nigeria: The Case of the Ikwerre of Port Harcourt City
Kelechukwu Uchechukwu Ihemere
194-207 (abstract or complete paper)

English Words and Phrases in Dholuo-English Codeswitching
Eunita D. A. Ochola
208-220 (abstract or complete paper)