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Proceedings of the 30th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Nathan Arnett and Ryan Bennett
Printed edition: $375.00


Editors' Preface
Nathan Arnett and Ryan Bennett
v (abstract or complete paper)

Goal-Driven Answers in the Cards Dialogue Corpus
Christopher Potts
1-20 (abstract or complete paper)

The Object of My POSSession
Natasha Abner
21-31 (abstract or complete paper)

A New Standard of Comparison
Peter Alrenga, Christopher Kennedy, and Jason Merchant
32-42 (abstract or complete paper)

Indefiniteness and the Typology of Implicit Arguments
Scott AnderBois
43-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Sources of (A)symmetry in Bantu Double Object Constructions
Mark C. Baker, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku
54-64 (abstract or complete paper)

Noun Incorporation and Non-canonical Objects
Michael Barrie and Yen-hui Audrey Li
65-75 (abstract or complete paper)

Dissimilation by Correspondence in Sundanese
Wm. G. Bennett
76-86 (abstract or complete paper)

Successive Cyclic Movement as Recursive Symmetry-Breaking
Andreas Blümel
87-97 (abstract or complete paper)

Emergent Rankings in Foreign Word Adaptations
Ellen Broselow, Marie Huffman, Jiwon Hwang, Sophia Kao, and Yu-An Lu
98-108 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Discourse Effects of wh-Exclamatives
Anna Chernilovskaya, Cleo Condoravdi, and Sven Lauer
109-119 (abstract or complete paper)

Topic Abstraction as the Source for Nested Alternatives: A Conservative Semantics for Contrastive Topic
Noah Constant
120-130 (abstract or complete paper)

If You Own It, It Exists; If You Love It, That Says Something about You, Not It: Semantically Conditioned Case in Finnish
Alex Djalali
131-141 (abstract or complete paper)

Pseudo Noun Phrase Coordination
Michael Frazier, David Potter, and Masaya Yoshida
142-152 (abstract or complete paper)

Processing Strategies and Resumptive Pronouns in English
Chung-hye Han, Noureddine Elouazizi, Christina Galeano, Emrah Görgülü, Nancy Hedberg, Jennifer Hinnell, Meghan Jeffrey, Kyeong-min Kim, and Susannah Kirby
153-161 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Semantics of Domain Adjectives in English
Jesse A. Harris
162-172 (abstract or complete paper)

Senaya (Neo-Aramaic): Structural Person Case Constraint Effects in Progressives
Laura Kalin and Laura McPherson
173-183 (abstract or complete paper)

Aspect-Based Agreement Reversal in Neo-Aramaic
Laura Kalin and Coppe van Urk
184-194 (abstract or complete paper)

Variability and Trigger Competition in Finnish Disharmonic Loanwords
Wendell Kimper and Riikka Ylitalo
195-204 (abstract or complete paper)

On Alleged Wh-Scope Marking in Russian
Natalia Korotkova
205-215 (abstract or complete paper)

Readings of Hebrew Multiple Questions
Hadas Kotek
216-225 (abstract or complete paper)

A Split Analysis of Plurality: Evidence from Amharic
Ruth Kramer
226-236 (abstract or complete paper)

Infant Word Segmentation: An Incremental, Integrated Model
Constantine Lignos
237-247 (abstract or complete paper)

The Modality of offer and Other Defeasible Causative Verbs
Fabienne Martin and Florian Schäfer
248-258 (abstract or complete paper)

Superfeet as Recursion
Violeta Martínez-Paricio
259-269 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Syntax of Why-Stripping
Chizuru Nakao, Masaya Yoshida, and Ivan Ortega-Santos
270-280 (abstract or complete paper)

Movement and Ellipsis in Contrastive Left-Dislocation
Dennis Ott
281-291 (abstract or complete paper)

Cross-linguistic Differences in Superlative Movement out of Nominal Phrases
Roumyana Pancheva and Barbara Tomaszewicz
292-302 (abstract or complete paper)

Accounting for Voice Mismatch in Ellipsis
Steven A. SanPietro, Ming Xiang, and Jason Merchant
303-312 (abstract or complete paper)

Clitic-hood as a Phonological Correlate of Phase-Head Status
Alexandra Simonenko
313-323 (abstract or complete paper)

A Scalar Opposite of Scalar Only
Barbara Tomaszewicz
324-334 (abstract or complete paper)