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Superfeet as Recursion
Violeta Martínez-Paricio
259-269 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Although prosodic recursion is generally thought to apply exclusively at higher levels of the prosodic hierarchy (i.e. above the prosodic word), this paper claims that some languages can exhibit recursion at the metrical foot level. In particular, it is argued that Yidiny, Wargamay, and Chugach build recursive feet as a last resort device in order to avoid degenerate feet and unparsed syllables. The proposed analyses adequately account for the complicated lengthening patterns in Yidiny and Wargamay, and the puzzling distribution of stress in Chugach. In particular, it is argued that Yidiny and Wargamay lengthen the vowels that appear in the head of a recursive foot, whereas Chugach assigns stress to recursive and non-recursive feet.

Published in

Proceedings of the 30th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Nathan Arnett and Ryan Bennett
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