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Yoruba Pronominal Anaphor Òun and the Binding Theory
Nike S. Lawal
245-257 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


In this paper, we discuss the Yoruba pronominal anaphor òun. This pronoun exhibits all the characteristic features of Long Distance Reflexives (LDR), but differs from them in that it may not be locally bound. The evidence suggests that other syntactic factors besides logophoricity may be responsible for the licensing of the pronominal anaphor òun. Accounts of LDRs in Chinese and other East Asian languages suggest Infl plays a crucial role in the licensing of LDRs (see Cole and Hermon 1990, 1994, 1997; Progovac 1992, 1993). The Yoruba data supports this claim but suggests a parametrization of the Infl system in order to account for anti-local anaphors like òun and for the licensing of LDRs in general.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages and Linguistics in Broad Perspectives
edited by John Mugane, John P. Hutchison, and Dee A. Worman
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