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Selected Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages and Linguistics in Broad Perspectives
edited by John Mugane, John P. Hutchison, and Dee A. Worman
Printed edition: $280.00


John Mugane, John P. Hutchison, and Dee A. Worman
v (abstract or complete paper)

— Keynote Address —

Rethinking Autosegmental Phonology
William R. Leben
1-9 (abstract or complete paper)

— Sociolinguistics, Language Status, and Language Policy —

Necrolinguistics: The Linguistically Stranded
John Mugane
10-21 (abstract or complete paper)

African Language Literature as a Weapon against African Language Marginalization
John P. Hutchison
22-33 (abstract or complete paper)

The Metapragmatics of Saying in Sierra Leone Krio Theatre
Dee A. Worman
34-43 (abstract or complete paper)

Immigrant Identity: Code Switching among Kenyans in Upstate New York
Mokaya Bosire
44-52 (abstract or complete paper)

Muslim Women in a Multilingual Context: Orality and Literacy in Francophone Afro-Islamic Societies
Ousseina Alidou
53-65 (abstract or complete paper)

"And Ain't I a Woman?" Senegalese Women Immigrants, Language Use, Acquisition, and Cultural Maintenance in an African Hair-Braiding Shop
Shartriya Collier
66-75 (abstract or complete paper)

The Language Policy of Education in Ghana: A Critical Look at the English-Only Language Policy of Education
Charles Owu-Ewie
76-85 (abstract or complete paper)

African Languages and Information and Communication Technologies: Literacy, Access, and the Future
Donald Z. Osborn
86-93 (abstract or complete paper)

Functional Seclusion and the Future of Indigenous Languages in Africa: The Case of Cameroon
Eric A. Anchimbe
94-103 (abstract or complete paper)

Naming and Linguistic Africanisms in African American Culture
Lupenga Mphande
104-113 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonology —

Consonant Mutation and Reduplication in Blin Singulars and Plurals
Paul D. Fallon
114-124 (abstract or complete paper)

Tonal Transfer in Kisukuma
Masangu Matondo
125-135 (abstract or complete paper)

Tone Loans: The Adaptation of English Loanwords into Yoruba
Michael Kenstowicz
136-146 (abstract or complete paper)

High Tone Spread in the Sotho Verb
Sabine Zerbian
147-157 (abstract or complete paper)

Tone Fusion in Mò̩bà Yorùbá
Claire K. Turner
158-168 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Theoretical Status of Base and Reduplicant in Northern Atlantic
Fiona Mc Laughlin
169-180 (abstract or complete paper)

Pulaar's Stress System: A Challenge for Theories of Weight Typology
Caroline R. Wiltshire
181-192 (abstract or complete paper)

— Morphology and Syntax —

The Interaction of Tense, Aspect, and Agreement in Amharic Syntax
Baye Yimam
193-202 (abstract or complete paper)

The Structure of Ideophones in African and Asian Languages: The Case of Dagaare and Cantonese
Adams Bodomo
203-213 (abstract or complete paper)

Affix Ordering in Wolof Applicatives and Causatives
Leston Buell and Mariame Sy
214-224 (abstract or complete paper)

Subject Agreement in Nairobi Swahili
Kamil Ud Deen
225-233 (abstract or complete paper)

A Broader Perspective on Point of View: Logophoricity in Ogonoid Languages
Oliver Bond
234-244 (abstract or complete paper)

Yoruba Pronominal Anaphor Òun and the Binding Theory
Nike S. Lawal
245-257 (abstract or complete paper)

WH Constructions in Ikalanga: A Remnant Movement Analysis
Rose M. Letsholo
258-270 (abstract or complete paper)

wh-Question Formation in Nguni
Joachim Sabel and Jochen Zeller
271-283 (abstract or complete paper)