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Selected Proceedings of the First Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Lotfi Sayahi
Printed edition: $180.00


Lotfi Sayahi
v-vii (abstract or complete paper)

On Classifying Language-Contact Varieties
J. Clancy Clements
1-10 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Shift and Linguistic Markets in Barcelona
Margaret Simmons
11-17 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Contact Phenomena in Catalonia: The Influence of Catalan in Spoken Castilian
Mireia Galindo Solé
18-29 (abstract or complete paper)

Catalan or Spanish? Language Choice from Home to School
Carles de Rosselló i Peralta
30-42 (abstract or complete paper)

Pitch Accent in Galician Spanish
Obdulia Castro
43-52 (abstract or complete paper)

Bilingüismo y Migración Urbana: el Quechua Santiagueño
Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino
53-60 (abstract or complete paper)

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica, la tierra de la pura vida: A Study of the Expression "pura vida" in the Spanish of Costa Rica
Anna Marie Trester
61-69 (abstract or complete paper)

Coffee Farmers, Social Integration and Five Phonological Features: Regional Socio-Dialectology in West-Central Puerto Rico
Jonathan Carl Holmquist
70-76 (abstract or complete paper)

Maintaining Spanish Proficiency in the United States: The Influence of English on the Spanish Writing of Native Spanish Speakers in Two-Way Immersion Programs
Raquel Serrano and Elizabeth R. Howard
77-88 (abstract or complete paper)

L1 Regression in Spanish-English Bilinguals
Dora B. Ramírez
89-95 (abstract or complete paper)

Effects of Native-Language and Sex on Back-Channel Behavior
Marilyn S. Feke
96-106 (abstract or complete paper)

College Students' Reactions to Accents of L2 Learners of Spanish and English
Colleen E. Young
107-111 (abstract or complete paper)

Lexical Cohesion as a Motivation for Codeswitching: Evidence from Spanish-English Bilingual Speech in Court Testimonies
Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer
112-122 (abstract or complete paper)

Me Salí a Caminar: Pronominal Constructions with Intransitive Motion Verbs in Northern New Mexican Spanish
Jessi Elana Aaron
123-133 (abstract or complete paper)