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On Classifying Language-Contact Varieties
J. Clancy Clements
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Using Croft's (2000) social definition of a language and Posner's (1993) adopted notions of a language family and Romance language type, the cases of Chinese Immigrant Spanish (CIS) and two Indo-Portuguese (IP) creoles are examined. It is found that both CIS and the IP creoles are on one side of a Romance-language-type continuum, nearer to Brazilian Portuguese and French, but further away from Italian, Spanish, and Continental Portuguese. Moreover, both CIS and the IP creoles form part of the Romance language family and, lastly, CIS and Daman Creole Portuguese constitute 'lects' of Spanish and Portuguese, respectively.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the First Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Lotfi Sayahi
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