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Idempotency and Chain Shifts
Giorgio Magri
276-286 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


An idempotent phonological grammar maps phonotactically licit forms faithfully to themselves. This paper establishes sufficient conditions for idempotency in Optimality Theory. Building on Tesar (2013), these conditions are derived through two steps. First, idempotency is shown to follow from a general condition on the faithfulness constraints. Second, this condition is investigated for a variety of faithfulness constraints within McCarthy and Prince's (1995) Correspondence Theory. This formal analysis systematizes a variety of approaches to chain shifts within classical OT.

Published in

Proceedings of the 33rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Kyeong-min Kim, Pocholo Umbal, Trevor Block, Queenie Chan, Tanie Cheng, Kelli Finney, Mara Katz, Sophie Nickel-Thompson, and Lisa Shorten
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