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Selected Proceedings of the 2017 Second Language Research Forum
edited by Hope Wilson, Nicole King, Eun Jeong Park, and Kirby Childress
Printed edition: $320.00


Hope Wilson, Nicole King, Eun Jeong Park, and Kirby Childress
v-x (abstract or complete paper)

Expressing Motion Events in a Third Language: A Study of Chinese Learners of Spanish
Celia Bravo Díaz
1-14 (abstract or complete paper)

How to Design a Study: Pushing the Visual Envelope
Beatrix Burghardt
15-32 (abstract or complete paper)

The Comprehensibility of L2 Accented Speech in a Lexical Decision Task
Laura D. Cummings Ruiz
33-47 (abstract or complete paper)

An Electrophysiological Investigation of Domain-Specific Procedures in (Nonnative) French
Laurent Dekydtspotter, A. Kate Miller, Charlene Gilbert, Michael Iverson, Tania Leal, and Kyle Swanson
48-61 (abstract or complete paper)

International Teaching Assistants' Identity Roles Represented through Self-Mentions in Teaching Demonstrations
Idée Edalatishams
62-78 (abstract or complete paper)

Voice Onset Times of Voiceless Stops by Bilingual Korean-English Children: Phonetic Acquisition and Sociolinguistic Preferences
Danielle Fahey
79-91 (abstract or complete paper)

Verb-Noun Collocations in L2 Writing in an English-Medium Instruction Program
Emiko Kaneko, Younghyon Heo, and Ahrong Lee
92-103 (abstract or complete paper)

Mass/Count Noun Distinction in L2 English
Yılmaz Köylü
104-116 (abstract or complete paper)

Growing Anticipatory Connections during Online Processing: The Use of Grammatical Gender Cues in L2 French
A. Kate Miller
117-126 (abstract or complete paper)

Engaged Second Language Research: Studying Stakeholders' Perspectives on Preschool DLLs' Science and Language Learning
Leslie C. Moore, Brian Seilstad, Jackie Ridley, and Somin Kim
127-143 (abstract or complete paper)

Why Are Subject Wh-Questions More Difficult than Object Wh-Questions? A Study of Japanese Young Learners of English
Akiko Muroya
144-161 (abstract or complete paper)

The Big Picture: A Same-Writer Bilingual Analysis of L1 English-L2 Spanish Written Syntactic Complexity
Tripp Strawbridge
162-174 (abstract or complete paper)

The Combined Effects of Manipulating Tasks in Two Dimensions on L2 Speech Performance
Ayşen Tuzcu and Şebnem Yalçın
175-184 (abstract or complete paper)

The Effect of Training Condition and Working Memory on Second Language Development of a Complex Form: The Spanish Subjunctive
Briana Villegas and Kara Morgan-Short
185-199 (abstract or complete paper)

Student Uses of the First Language for L2 Classroom Interactions
Daniel Walter
200-214 (abstract or complete paper)

Processing L2 Metaphorical Expressions by Chinese Learners of English
Mengying Xia
215-237 (abstract or complete paper)