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Learning without Awareness Reconsidered: A Replication of Williams (2005)
Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg and Kara Morgan-Short
18-28 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Williams (2005) found evidence of implicit learning of form-meaning connections that was moderated by prior knowledge. The present study replicated Williams (2005) with the goal of gaining a more profound understanding of implicit learning and the role of prior knowledge by (1) examining learning in a group of learners with specific linguistic backgrounds and (2) utilizing a more fine-grained analysis of awareness level. The results do not corroborate those of Williams (2005) in that no evidence of implicit learning was found. Divergent learning results are discussed with regard to important differences between the participants in the original study and those in the present study, as well as with regard to theoretical claims about the role of awareness in second language development.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2010 Second Language Research Forum: Reconsidering SLA Research, Dimensions, and Directions
edited by Gisela Granena, Joel Koeth, Sunyoung Lee-Ellis, Anna Lukyanchenko, Goretti Prieto Botana, and Elizabeth Rhoades
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