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Selected Proceedings of the 2009 Second Language Research Forum: Diverse Contributions to SLA
edited by Luke Plonsky and Maren Schierloh
Printed edition: $240.00


Luke Plonsky and Maren Schierloh
v (abstract or complete paper)

The Effect of Temporal Adverbials in the Selection of Preterit and Imperfect by Learners of Spanish L2
Jennifer L. Baker and Margaret L. Quesada
1-15 (abstract or complete paper)

Using Sociolinguistic Analyses of Discourse-Level Features to Expand Research on L2 Variation in Forms of Spanish Subject Expression
Kimberly L. Geeslin and Aarnes Gudmestad
16-30 (abstract or complete paper)

Real-Time Reading and Reactivation Evidence of Syntactic Gap Processing in Japanese Scrambling
Masahiro Hara
31-50 (abstract or complete paper)

The Effects of Task Type and Group Structure on Meaning Negotiation in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
Nam-Sook Jeong
51-69 (abstract or complete paper)

Overgenerated be from Topic Marker to Verbal Inflection
Kitaek Kim
70-81 (abstract or complete paper)

Pragmatic Development of Direction-Giving by Learners of Korean as a Foreign Language
Jihye Lee
82-98 (abstract or complete paper)

Information through Constructions: 'Rough' and 'Fine' Grammar
Eleonora Luzi
99-108 (abstract or complete paper)

Rethinking Nonnative Processing Constraints: Evidence from L2 French
A. Kate Miller
109-120 (abstract or complete paper)

Perception of Articles in L2 English
Lisa Pierce and Tania Ionin
121-128 (abstract or complete paper)

Constraints on Feature Selection in Second Language Acquisition: Processing Evidence from the French Verbal Domain
Claire Renaud
129-141 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Learners' Outperformance of Native Japanese: Evidence from Nonce Verb and Real Verb Tests
Natsue Sugaya
142-151 (abstract or complete paper)

Variability in L2 Acquisition across L1 Backgrounds
Malena Weitze, Jeremiah McGhee, C. Ray Graham, Dan P. Dewey, and Dennis L. Eggett
152-163 (abstract or complete paper)

Speakers' Intuitions about L2 Syllable Structure: Diphthong vs. Hiatus Resolution in Spanish by English-Speaking Learners
Germán Zárate-Sández
164-181 (abstract or complete paper)