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Clause-Edge Reactivations of Fillers in Processing English as a Second Language
Laurent Dekydtspotter, A. Katherine Miller, Vance Schaefer, Yufen Chang, and Ock-Hwan Kim
108-122 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper discusses a priming study testing for trace-theoretic computations in the processing of long-distance wh-extractions in English as a second language. Respondents classified pictures during reading in a low voice. Response times were analyzed. Native speakers produced facilitations suggestive of priming by traces, while nonnative speakers produced inhibitions instead. Explorations of individual behavior revealed trace theoretic facilitation priming in one half of nonnative respondents. The other half exhibited revealing patterns of inhibitions. It is argued that the computation of traces interacts with the propagation or dampening of activations in the semantic network, a presumed effect of the automaticity of lexical access.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2008 Second Language Research Forum: Exploring SLA Perspectives, Positions, and Practices
edited by Matthew T. Prior, Yukiko Watanabe, and Sang-Ki Lee
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