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Predicting Near-Native Ability: The Factor Structure and Reliability of Hi-LAB
Catherine J. Doughty, Susan G. Campbell, Meredith A. Mislevy, Michael F. Bunting, Anita R. Bowles, and Joel T. Koeth
10-31 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This article reports findings from an investigation of the factor structure and reliability of the High-Level Language Aptitude Battery (Hi-LAB), an innovative test for predicting high-level attainment in post-critical-period second language acquisition. The introductory section motivates the need for a new test of second language aptitude and briefly describes Hi-LAB's conceptualization, constructs, and computer-delivered format. Then the hypothesized Hi-LAB factor structure is tested against empirical data (n = 163). Finally, the reliabilities of Hi-LAB tasks are estimated and reported, using both internal consistency and test-retest correlation techniques. For the most part, the empirical data are in line with the hypothesized aptitude constructs, and most tasks met or exceeded criteria for reliability.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2008 Second Language Research Forum: Exploring SLA Perspectives, Positions, and Practices
edited by Matthew T. Prior, Yukiko Watanabe, and Sang-Ki Lee
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