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Perspectives on Motivation in Second Language Acquisition: Lessons from the Ryoanji Garden
Peter D. MacIntyre, Kimberly A. Noels, and Brenda Moore
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This paper draws on the analogy of the Ryoanji Garden to consider two questions regarding perspective-taking in second language acquisition (SLA) research: What does it mean to take a perspective and how can we apply those lessons to the study of motivation in SLA? The authors discuss methodological and epistemological issues pertaining to research in the area. They advocate an approach in which researchers do more than triangulate methods and theories, they very actively consider what is revealed and concealed by their methods, to gain new insight from contemplating the "space between the rocks."

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2008 Second Language Research Forum: Exploring SLA Perspectives, Positions, and Practices
edited by Matthew T. Prior, Yukiko Watanabe, and Sang-Ki Lee
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