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Selected Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology
edited by Scott M. Alvord
Printed edition: $225.00


Scott M. Alvord
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

— Segmental Phonology —

Systematic Investigation of Voicing Assimilation of Spanish /s/ in Mexico City
Lauren B. Schmidt and Erik W. Willis
1-20 (abstract or complete paper)

Consonant Length in Italian: Gemination, Degemination and Preaspiration
Mary Stevens
21-32 (abstract or complete paper)

Nasal Coda and Vowel Nasality in Brazilian Portuguese
Beatriz Raposo de Medeiros
33-45 (abstract or complete paper)

Paradigmatic Peer-Pressure: Word-Medial, Syllable-Initial /s/ Lenition in Dominican Spanish
Earl K. Brown
46-58 (abstract or complete paper)

Validity in Measurements of Fricative Voicing: Evidence from Argentine Spanish
Michael Stephen Gradoville
59-74 (abstract or complete paper)

Perceptual Compensation for Acoustic Effects of Nasal Coupling by Spanish and Portuguese Listeners
C. Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda
75-83 (abstract or complete paper)

An Articulatory Study of Sibilant Fricatives in Two Spanish Varieties
Laura Colantoni and Alexei Kochetov
84-97 (abstract or complete paper)

— Prosody —

Absolute Questions Do Not Always Have a Rising Pattern: Evidence from Bilbao Spanish
Sergio Robles-Puente
98-107 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Anatomy of a Prosodic Sociolinguistic Marker in Parisian French
Christopher M. Stewart
108-117 (abstract or complete paper)

Perception of Narrow Focus Prosody in Buenos Aires Spanish
Jennifer Lang-Rigal
118-126 (abstract or complete paper)

The Discrepancy between Naturalistic and Experimental Studies: The Case of the Initial Prosodic Template in Brazilian Portuguese
Maria de Fátima de Almeida Baia and Raquel Santana Santos
127-135 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Visual Stimuli in the Perception of Prosody in Brazilian Portuguese
Daniel Oliveira Peres, Beatriz Raposo de Medeiros, Waldemar Ferreira Netto, and Maria de Fátima de Almeida Baia
136-141 (abstract or complete paper)

Acoustic Correlates of Listener-Identified Boundaries in Spontaneous French Speech
Caroline L. Smith
142-152 (abstract or complete paper)

Looking for the Spanish Imperative Intonation: Combination of Global and Pitch-Accent Level Strategies
Sergio Robles-Puente
153-164 (abstract or complete paper)