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Ethical Datives, Clitic Doubling and the Theory of pro
Jon Franco and Susana Huidobro
215-224 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Ethical datives pose a dual problem for syntactic categorization, that is, (i) their occurrence abides by different rules to those governing their morphological peers, that is, object clitics, and (ii) they do not show a homogeneous behavior as a group, but fall under different types which are characterized by a diverse morphosyntactic distribution. The purpose of this paper is three-fold. First, it determines the distribution and nature of ethical datives in Spanish. Second, it posits three classes of Spanish ethical datives drawn from their different syntactic, semantic and morphological behavior. Third, it discusses the implications that clitic doubling and two specific occurrences of ethical datives have for a theory of pro.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 10th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Joyce Bruhn de Garavito and Elena Valenzuela
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