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Clitics and Determiners in L2 Greek
Ianthi Maria Tsimpli
331-339 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper examines the properties of nominal elements in untutored learners of Greek who are bilingual speakers of Turkish and Russian. The data examined include the use of determiners in definite and indefinite DPs and pronominal (object) clitics. The study seeks to identify the (abstract) morphological features which show differential development in the L2 grammar. The 'uneven' pattern of development of the definite and the indefinite article on one hand, and the 3rd person clitic as opposed to 1st and 2nd person clitics on the other, helps to shed light on the question of ultimate attainment. This pattern in the development of formal features is consistent among learners and the individual variation attested is one of degree. The differences found between the formal features examined raise interesting questions with regard to the possibilities of 'morphological misanalysis' in L2 grammars. In this respect, the question of mapping abstract formal features onto morpho(phono)logical matrices is narrowed down to a subset of features that show 'deviant' L2 behavior.

Published in

Proceedings of the 6th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 2002): L2 Links
edited by Juana M. Liceras, Helmut Zobl, and Helen Goodluck
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