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L2 Acquisition of Wh-extractions via a [-Wh-movement] L1
Filiz Çele and Ayşe Gürel
30-44 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This study examines on-line processing of long-distance wh-dependencies in second language (L2) English by first language (L1) Spanish and L1 Turkish speakers in comparison to a group of native English speakers. More specifically, the study aims to identify the extent to which a [+wh-movement] L1 (Spanish) and a [-wh-movement] L1 (Turkish) influences the L2 processing of different types of wh-dependencies in the end-state L2 acquisition. It is predicted that, irrespective of the L1 background, both groups of L2 learners will be as accurate as native-speakers in accepting grammatical and rejecting ungrammatical wh-sentences and will demonstrate patterns of wh-parsing similar to those of native-speakers even if they might have slower response times (RTs) in online tasks.

Published in

Proceedings of the 11th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA 2011)
edited by Julia Herschensohn and Darren Tanner
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