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Selected Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America (GALANA 2012)
edited by Chia-Ying Chu, Caitlin E. Coughlin, Beatriz Lopez Prego, Utako Minai, and Annie Tremblay
Printed edition: $320.00


Notes from the Editors
Chia-Ying Chu, Caitlin E. Coughlin, Beatriz Lopez Prego, Utako Minai, and Annie Tremblay
v (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonology —

The Effect of Continuance on the L2 Production of Onset Clusters
Kelly Enochson
1-9 (abstract or complete paper)

A Learning-Based Account of L1 vs. L2 Cluster Repair Differences
Karen Jesney
10-21 (abstract or complete paper)

Asymmetry in Acquisition of Prosodic Structures: Evidence from L2 Japanese by English Speakers
Tokiko Okuma
22-33 (abstract or complete paper)

— Syntax —

Intervention Again: Children's Comprehension of Copy-Raising
Jinsun Choe
34-41 (abstract or complete paper)

Adult-like Passives in Child English: Evidence from Judgments of Purpose Phrases
Jean Crawford
42-50 (abstract or complete paper)

Poor Performance on Scrambled Korean OSV Sentences by Korean Heritage Children: Performance, Not Competence
Kitaek Kim, William O'Grady, and Kamil Ud Deen
51-59 (abstract or complete paper)

Word Order Overrules Number Agreement: Dutch Children's Interpretation and Production of which-Questions
Atty Schouwenaars, Angeliek van Hout, and Petra Hendriks
60-71 (abstract or complete paper)

The Acquisition of Word Order and Its Constraints in Kaqchikel: A Preliminary Study
Koji Sugisaki, Koichi Otaki, Noriaki Yusa, and Masatoshi Koizumi
72-78 (abstract or complete paper)

— Syntax-Semantics/Pragmatics Interfaces —

Effects of L2 Exposure on L1 Grammar
Manuela Pinto
79-89 (abstract or complete paper)

Children's Interpretation of Japanese Disjunctive "ka": Subject-Object Asymmetry
Hiroyuki Shimada
90-98 (abstract or complete paper)

— Tense, Aspect, and Negation —

Comprehension and Production of Grammatical Aspect in Child Spanish: Semantics vs. Pragmatics
Isabel García del Real, Angeliek van Hout, and Maria José Ezeizabarrena
99-110 (abstract or complete paper)

L1 Effects in L2 Acquisition of English Viewpoint Aspect
Larissa Nossalik
111-120 (abstract or complete paper)

Input Effects on the Acquisition of Finiteness
Matthew Rispoli and Pamela Hadley
121-127 (abstract or complete paper)

Fully-Specified L2 Processing of Negation-Aspect Interactions in Chinese
Zhijun Wen and Bonnie D. Schwartz
128-139 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Acquisition of Grammatical Aspect in English
Noriko Yoshimura, Mineharu Nakayama, Atsushi Fujimori, and Koichi Sawasaki
140-149 (abstract or complete paper)

Lexical Aspect and the Use of Negation by Mandarin-Speaking Children
Peng Zhou, Stephen Crain, and Rosalind Thornton
150-156 (abstract or complete paper)

— Quantifiers and Quantification —

Acquisition of Quantifier Scope Interpretation by Chinese-Speaking Learners of English
Chia-Ying Chu, Alison Gabriele, and Utako Minai
157-168 (abstract or complete paper)

Quantifier Scope and Scrambling in the Second Language Acquisition of Russian
Tania Ionin, Tatiana Luchkina, and Anastasia Stoops
169-180 (abstract or complete paper)

The Acquisition of the Count/Mass Distinction in Yudja (Tupi): Quantifying 'Quantity' and 'Number'
Suzi Lima
181-190 (abstract or complete paper)