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Creating a Corpus of Auslan within an Australian National Corpus
Trevor Johnston
87-95 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Annotations are an important resource in corpus-based linguistic research. In fact, the most essential feature of a modern SL corpus should be that it has been annotated and not--as is commonly assumed--that it has been transcribed. Using the example of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) this paper describes how multimedia annotation software can now be used to transform a language recording into a machine-readable text without it first being transcribed, provided that conventional linguistic units are systematically and consistently identified. A subcorpus of the signed language of the Australian deaf community will be a valuable component of an Australian National Corpus.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2008 HCSNet Workshop on Designing the Australian National Corpus: Mustering Languages
edited by Michael Haugh, Kate Burridge, Jean Mulder, and Pam Peters
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