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Developing a Quality Spoken Component of the Australian National Corpus
Jean Mulder, Cara Penry Williams, and Deborah Loakes
61-73 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper explores the question of how to develop a quality spoken component of the Australian National Corpus (AusNC) that will be maximally usable for investigating a wide range of existing and new research areas in Australian English. Toward creating a corpus of high quality, the authors put forward a set of design principles, giving detailed specifications in terms of recording requirements; the range of recordings, including naturally occurring discourse; the supporting documentation of participants; the nature of the transcription system needed; and making the corpus fully searchable. Using a sample recording, they illustrate the value of putting such design principles in place. The paper concludes with a detailed plan for putting together a quality spoken component of the AusNC based on the proposed design principles

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2008 HCSNet Workshop on Designing the Australian National Corpus: Mustering Languages
edited by Michael Haugh, Kate Burridge, Jean Mulder, and Pam Peters
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