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Effect of Relativizer Type in the Processing of Non-restrictive Relative Clauses in L2 French
Amandine Lorente Lapole
110-119 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The study focuses on the nature of two relativizers in French, namely qui and lequel, which both translate to "who" with animates when linked to the subject position. The contrast between these two types of relativizers follows from the morphological difference in gender and number they display. The study shows that the processing behaviors of non-restrictive relative clauses (NRRCs) seem to follow from this morphological distinction in natives and second language learners alike. From the point of view of shallow structure processing in a second language, the results obtained are problematic.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2012 Second Language Research Forum: Building Bridges between Disciplines
edited by Ryan T. Miller, Katherine I. Martin, Chelsea M. Eddington, Ashlie Henery, Nausica Marcos Miguel, Alison M. Tseng, Alba Tuninetti, and Daniel Walter
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