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On the Acquisition of Weak Object Pronouns in German as L2
Giulia Bianchi
21-26 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The main purpose of this study is to report on an experiment aimed at investigating the acquisition of weak object pronoun placement with respect to adverbs in German subordinate clauses by Italian and English L2 Learners of German at an Intermediate and Advanced level of proficiency of the Target Language. It will be shown that the two populations with different L1s behave alike with respect to the phenomenon under investigation. Data will reveal that pronoun placement in German proceeds through stages and that misplacement of the pronominal object relates to the realization of the object as a full lexical NP.

Published in

Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America (GALANA)
edited by Alyona Belikova, Luisa Meroni, and Mari Umeda
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