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Subject-agreeing Complementizers and Their Functions in Chokwe, Luchazi, Lunda, and Luvale
Boniface Kawasha
180-190 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper provides a descriptive and functional study of complementizers that come after verbs of utterance, cognition and thought in four closely related languages spoken in Zambia and Angola. In Chokwe, Luchazi (Fleisch 2000), Lunda (Kawasha 2003), and Luvale (Horton 1949), some types of dependent constructions are introduced by complementizers which agree in person and number with the subject of the main clause. These complementizers derive from personal possessive pronouns rather than from the verb of saying, as is the case in some Bantu languages such as Bemba (Givón 1972a), Kaonde, and Swahili (Ngonyani 1999). They also have other functions in addition to introducing embedded clauses.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
edited by Doris L. Payne and Jaime Peña
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