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The Lateral Variant of (r) in Cuban Spanish
Gabriela G. Alfaraz
36-42 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The lateral variant of syllable final (r) in Cuban Spanish has been described as a stable nonstandard variant associated with working class and rural speech (Almendros, 1958; Guitart, 1980; López Morales, 1970, 1992; Terrell, 1976). Later studies, however, suggested that it was increasing in frequency in younger speakers and in el habla culta (Choy López, 1986; García González, 1980). This study examines the lateral variant in conversational data from two generational groups to determine whether it has been involved in change and to explore factors that contribute to the variation. The findings indicate that the lateral has increased in the younger generation.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Maurice Westmoreland and Juan Antonio Thomas
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