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Selected Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA 10)
edited by Arnstein Hjelde and Åshild Søfteland
Printed edition: $240.00


Arnstein Hjelde, Åshild Søfteland, Kari Kinn, and Michael T. Putnam
v-vii (abstract or complete paper)

From Fieldwork to Speech Corpus: The American Norwegian Heritage Language and CANS
Janne Bondi Johannessen
1-10 (abstract or complete paper)

Competition at the Left Edge: Left-Dislocation vs. Topicalization in Heritage Germanic
Joshua Bousquette, Kristin Melum Eide, Arnstein Hjelde, and Michael T. Putnam
11-21 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonological and Lexical Maintenance of Swiss German in Ohio and Misiones
Robert Klosinski
22-29 (abstract or complete paper)

A Space for Language: Heritage Language Socialization in Immigrant Community Churches of Montreal
Adèle Raux-Copin
30-38 (abstract or complete paper)

Verbal Aspect in Heritage Greek across Majority Languages: A Preliminary Study
Vasiliki Rizou
39-48 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Use and Codeswitching in the Trilingual Diary of an East Frisian Immigrant to the USA
Maike Rocker
49-59 (abstract or complete paper)

Variation in Infinitive Markers in American Norwegian
Åshild Søfteland, Michael T. Putnam, and Arnstein Hjelde
60-68 (abstract or complete paper)

Post-hoc Proficiency Measures as a Tool for Cross-community Comparison
Nora Vosburg and Lara Schwarz
69-78 (abstract or complete paper)