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On the Indefinite Readings of Kannada Bare Nominals
Sadhwi Srinivas and Kyle Rawlins
214-225 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper argues that existential readings in Kannada bare nominals, contrary to what is proposed in Lidz (2006), do not in fact lend themselves to wide-scoped readings. In their non-specificity, they pattern instead with bare nominals in Hindi (cf. Dayal 1992, 2004). To support this claim, the paper looks carefully at the Kannada data said to be (non-trivially) intermediate- or wide-scoping in Lidz (2006), and shows that these are better analyzed as hearer-old definite uses of the bare noun instead. It is additionally shown that in utterances where Kannada bare nouns appear as direct objects, neither overt accusative case-marking nor higher syntactic positions force wide-scoped readings, once again in contrast to Lidz's (2006) claims. The paper ends with a brief discussion of a few possibilities for analyzing the non-specific existential readings of bare nouns in Kannada, building on Dayal (2004).

Published in

Proceedings of the 37th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by D. K. E. Reisinger and Marianne Huijsmans
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