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Perspectives under Ellipsis
Rong Yin and Jeremy Hartman
344-349 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


We make a new observation that there is a contrast in felicity between (1a) and (1b), under a context where Macron is in Paris but Obama is not; and crucially, neither A nor B is in Paris. A: Macron thinks that Obama will come to Paris. B: (1a) #I also think that he will come to Paris. (1b) I also do. The question is why the elided version (1b) is felicitous, given that the unelided version (1a) is not. In this paper, we show that this felicity contrast can be explained under a PF-deletion analysis (Merchant 2001) that incorporates von Fintel's (1999) Strawson Entailment and Sudo's (2018) analysis of come and go.

Published in

Proceedings of the 36th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Richard Stockwell, Maura O'Leary, Zhongshi Xu, and Z.L. Zhou
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