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How Does Head Movement Affect Ellipsis and Extraction?
Semoon Hoe, Dongwoo Park, and Han-Byul Chung
182-187 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The goal of this paper is to provide a novel analysis of T-to-C movement based on the labeling theory in Chomsky (2015) (POP+ hereafter). To do so, we discuss the asymmetry between the matrix and embedded questions with copular phrase ellipsis. In the former, where the T-to-C movement occurs, extraction of the object wh-phrase out of the ellipsis site is permitted. However, in the latter, which lacks T-to-C movement, object wh-phrase extraction out of the ellipsis site is not allowed. We propose that such a contrast results from the interplay between de-phasing (POP+) caused by T-to-C movement and a version of ellipsis, whereby XP ellipsis occurs when its licensor is introduced into the derivation. Especially, by showing that both T-to-C and V-to-v movements induce de-phasing, we point out that these two types of head movement can be uniformly attributable to the "affixal status" of phase heads (i.e., C and v). We also discuss whether v-to-Voice movement induces the same effects, under the assumption that the highest projection of the verbal domain is VoiceP, by using Korean and Farsi light verb stranding ellipsis.

Published in

Proceedings of the 36th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Richard Stockwell, Maura O'Leary, Zhongshi Xu, and Z.L. Zhou
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