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The Natural Class of Tough-Predicates, and Non-finite Clauses
John Gluckman
149-158 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Despite a long history in the theoretical literature, there is no consensus as to why some predicates can be tough-predicates (difficult, easy) but others cannot (long, quick). In this paper, I explore the natural class of tough-predicates, illustrating that they can be defined using two parameters: eventivity and modality. I then explore what the correlation between tough-predicates and for-CPs is, arguing that for-CPs describe properties of contentful events, adopting ideas from Hacquard (2006), Moulton (2009), et seq. The study proposes a natural class of tough-predicates, highlights a universal correlation between tough-predicates and non-finite clauses, and proposes a generalized schema for the meaning of (finite and non-finite) CP clauses.

Published in

Proceedings of the 36th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Richard Stockwell, Maura O'Leary, Zhongshi Xu, and Z.L. Zhou
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