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Linking, Predication, and Symmetry: On the Syntax of the Linker in Kinande
Patricia Schneider-Zioga
323-331 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The Bantu language Kinande has an agreeing particle called the linker that occurs between internal arguments of the verb and, under certain conditions, between adjuncts or between an internal argument and an adjunct. I demonstrate that much of its syntax can be captured by analyzing the linker as a copular like element that mediates predication within the verbal phrase in Kinande. Further, I propose that this functional element provides a means of symmetry breaking within a grammar where minimalist concerns lead to the conclusion that syntax is not inherently endocentric and labeling is dynamic. The syntax of the linker examined in this paper can be captured without reference to Case theory in contrast to prior research in this area. Instead, much of its syntax follows from the mechanisms available to the grammar to label syntactic objects.

Published in

Proceedings of the 32nd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Ulrike Steindl, Thomas Borer, Huilin Fang, Alfredo García Pardo, Peter Guekguezian, Brian Hsu, Charlie O'Hara, and Iris Chuoying Ouyang
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